Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET)

The Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program is Washington's 529 prepaid college tuition plan that helps families with young children save for future higher education expenses. The State of Washington guarantees that the value of your account will keep pace with the cost of college tuition, no matter how much it changes in the future.

The earlier you start, the more time you have to save and the greater the opportunity for increased value of your GET account. GET account values are measured in "units," where 100 units equals the cost of one year of resident, undergraduate tuition and state-mandated fees at Washington’s highest priced public university. Individual units are valued at 1/100th of that cost. You can buy units in whole or partial amounts, from one to 600 units per student.

The benefits of opening a GET account:

To find more information and to enroll, please visit GET Website.