Washington State Employee Assistance Program

EAP is Here for You

The Washington State Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, confidential program created to promote the health, safety and well-being of public employees. More than 86,000 public employees have access to EAP services to help them address work and life concerns. When you’re ready to get help, we’re here for you.

Reasons Why Someone Might Contact EAP

Personalized Solutions

Financial worries. Aging parents. Job stress. Health issues. Everyone faces challenges from time to time — but you don’t have to face them alone. This includes issues like:

How It Works

EAP support is easy to access. When you first contact EAP, you’ll talk with one of our staff to identify your concerns and match you with the right support. Then, you meet with a local professional counselor in person or by phone, who will provide you with FREE confidential advice, help you develop an action plan, and suggest other helpful resources.

EAP support is short-term and solution-focused. Your benefit includes up to 3 sessions, and covers all household adults. And, EAP can be used multiple times a year if you have new problems to address.

Private and Confidential

Your participation in EAP is voluntary and strictly confidential. We do not report back to your employer about the things you discuss in private counseling conversations. To learn more about how we protect your privacy and the limited exceptions to confidentiality, call us or visit our website.

EAP offers free, confidential resources to help solve life’s problems — no matter how big or small. EAP is a service of Washington State Department of Enterprise Services.

Get in Touch—Available 24/7

Website: eap.wa.gov

Call: 360-407-9490 or Toll Free at 877-313-4455