This page is used to publish alerts regarding temporary changes to our facilities or hours due to construction, collegewide trainings, equipment malfunctions, etc. For emergency alerts that will direct to updates to this page, please sign up for RAVE Alerts (see button at bottom of page) to receive emergency notifications.

View Clark College's  Weather Delays and Cancellation Policy.

Current alerts:

Classes at Clark College at WSU Vancouver (CCW) Cancelled

Due to inclement weather, classes at CCW are cancelled today, Monday, April 11. All other classes, services, and facilities are operating normally.

As a reminder, if you come to campus, each of you must determine whether or not it is safe to drive to the College. The decision to cancel classes or delay or suspend operations is based on a number of factors, primarily road conditions in the vicinity of the main campus in Vancouver. However, road conditions in your area may be different, and what may be a safe commute for one person may not be for another. If you feel unsafe about driving to the college due to weather conditions, you are encouraged to contact your instructor or supervisor. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Information about COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) has been moved to our COVID-19 web pages. Moving forward, only emergency information will appear on this page. 


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View Clark College's Weather Delays and Cancellation Policy