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Water Station 1 construction project and impacts on the main campus

The City of Vancouver is beginning Phase 2 of its Water Station 1 construction project, located to the north of Clark College’s main campus. This construction, which is anticipated to continue through summer 2022, will affect the main campus in several ways that we want you to be aware of:

Though the City and its contractors will work to reduce impacts where possible, some disruption—including noise, dust, tree removal, and heavy-equipment traffic—is inevitable. The college will work with the City to mitigate its effect on the college community as much as possible.

While this construction may create some inconvenience for our community here at the college, it is important to the future sustainability of the greater Vancouver community. Water Station 1 is the city’s largest source of drinking water. For more information about the project, visit Questions about the construction project can be directed to

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