Long Term Disability Insurance

For benefits eligible employees, Clark College offers Long-term Disability (LTD) insurance.  Long-term Disability (LTD) insurance is designed to help protect you from the financial risk of lost earnings due to serious injury or illness. When you enroll in LTD coverage, it pays a percentage of your monthly earnings to you if you become disabled. Clark College benefits package includes basic LTD insurance at no cost to you. 

The Basic Plan

The Basic LTD Plan provides:

Benefits start after 90 days or the period of sick leave (excluding shared leave) for which you are eligible under the employer’s sick leave plan (whichever is longer), and continue during disability up to the maximum benefit period.

The Optional Plan

You can build on your basic coverage with the optional LTD Plan. You may need to provide evidence of insurability, depending on what coverage you apply for and when. Optional LTD provides:

Optional Plan benefits begin after the end of the Benefit Waiting Period or the period of sick leave for which you qualify under the employer's sick leave, whichever is longer.

For premiums for the optional plan, forms, and the LTD booklet please visit the Washington State Health Care Authority website.

How to enroll

You may enroll in optional LTD coverage within 31 days after becoming eligible for benefits without providing evidence of insurability.

If you apply for optional LTD coverage after 31 days, or decrease the waiting period for optional LTD coverage, you must provide evidence of insurability and Standard Insurance Company must approve your request before your insurance becomes effective. Please contact the Benefits Team in Human Resources to get the forms.