Benefits Eligibility Information for Part-time Faculty

Part-time Faculty is eligible for benefits if:

Hours worked in any non-faculty position, standby hours, and any temporary increase in work hours, of six consecutive months or less, caused by training or emergencies that have not been or are not anticipated to be part of the employee's regular work schedule or pattern, are not counted towards eligibility.

Part-time Faculty can also establish eligibility and maintain benefits under the following scenarios:

Faculty who lose eligibility for benefits will regain if they return to teach 50% or more for the quarter no later than the 12 month after the month in which they lost eligibility.

Employees can access the Public Employee Benefits Board (PEBB) rules and guidance through If an employee has a change that affects his or her eligibility for benefits, Clark College will notify the employee. Employees have the right to ask Clark College to re-evaluate their eligibility at any time.

Employees have the right to appeal any eligibility decisions for PEBB benefits through the PEBB Appeals Process. The PEBB appeals process begins with requesting a review from your employer. For a complete explanation of the appeals process and the appeals forms, visit the PEBB website.