Faculty and Staff

Clark Cares

The college acknowledges the amazing work our employees to to make our community stronger and welcoming. Thank you everyone for doing your part in making Clark a Caring Campus!

Clark Cares In Action

Recognize faculty and staff engaging in Clark Cares commitments. Cheer each other on in this good work and celebrate it in action!

Clark Cares Recognition Form

Some of the ways you can participate are:

Traditional (face-to-face) Commitments

10-Foot Rule & Name Tags

  • Greeting students/campus visitors/each other if we are within 10 feet of others, keeping social equity in mind in the way we greet and support.
  • Wearing a Clark name tag on campus. Work with your supervisior if you need one.

Warm Referrals

  • Know locations on campus, and walk students to locations whenever possible.
  • Ask students investigative questions to avoid sending them to the wrong location/department.
  • Call a department ahead of time if we’re unable to walk a student.

First Week (of quarter) Gatherings

  • Parking lot greetings, employees wearing Clark gear
  • Tabling with handouts - maps/t-shirts /snacks/water/campus info
  • Cross campus employee support needed, encouragement from EC/Managers for all to participate

Virtual Commitments

Cross Departmental Awareness/Communication

  • Updating the campus ClarkNet and outward facing directories
  • Finding out who is new to departments, and who may replacing workload from a departed staff member

Warm Referrals/Give your Info

  • First name basis with students and others
  • Provide phone/zoom warm handoffs
  • cc’ing students in email communications, and sharing zoom/website links directly to a student

Reaching Out

  • Outreach to students by phone
  • Calling each other with questions to support students
  • Text messages through signal vine and Zoom phones
  • Robo calls and calling campaigns
  • Care outreach to students as needed