807.000 - Art Selection Committee

The Art Selection Committee shall be responsible for selecting art through the Washington State Arts Commission Art in Public Places Program. This program facilitates the acquisition, placement, and stewardship of artwork in state-funded building projects. One-half of one percent for art funds is generated by new construction projects in state agencies, community colleges, universities, and public schools. Local committees representing project sites make all final artwork selection decisions.

In addition, the Art Selection Committee will be responsible for acceptance and location of donated art objects, markers and monuments (other than instruction/gallery items) and purchase and location of art objects other than through the Art in Public Places Program.

The committee will monitor and make decisions regarding the maintenance and care of all College art objects.


  1. Vice president of administrative services, chair (standing member)
  2. Director of facilities services (standing member)
  3. College architect (standing member)
  4. Executive cabinet member (standing member)
  5. Foundation staff member (standing member)
  6. Art faculty member (two-year appointment)
  7. Classified staff member (two-year appointment)
  8. ASCC representative (one-year appointment)

Depending on the identified scope of a project, a project manager, a building/department representative, an instructional/building representative, and/or a local artist may be appointed to serve on the committee for a specific length of time or until the project is completed.

Revised Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
April 27, 2010