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Programs - Program Director Run Groups

ASCC programs request funds annually through the S&A Fee Committee. These Program Director led groups have pre-planned activities and some may require an audition or try-out to participate. If you’re interested, contact the ASCC Program Director to find out how to get involved.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Student clubs and programs must be open and available to any Clark student  regardless of race, color, national origin, age, perceived or actual physical or mental disability, pregnancy, genetic information, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, creed, religion, honorable discharged veteran or military status, or use of a trained guide dog or service animal.

For more information contact: Student Life at 


Clubs and Programs List

Activities Programming Board (APB)


Contact:  (360) 992-2806

Program Director: Samantha Lelo


The APB provides a comprehensive events calendar to include 30+ enriching activities, educational lectures, family, social, awareness and diversity events to all students of Clark.

Meetings: will resume in fall 2022


Check out the college calendar of events for all student events 

Aerospace & Robotics


Contact: (360) 992-2469

Program Director: Sophie Lin & David Reeves  or


This program provides Clark College students robust and rigorous project-based learning experiences for their pursuit of careers in the field of aerospace, robotics, and related industries. This program will support two major international team-based aerospace design/build competitions: one rocket and the other drone based.

Meetings: Email the Program Directors.

Archer Gallery


Contact: (360) 992-2182

Program Director: Michelle Ramin 


Archer Gallery serves the students and community of Clark College by exhibiting contemporary art in a not-for-profit educational setting. Archer Gallery exhibits work by national and internationally renowned artists and connects the Clark College community with accessible and diverse perspectives from the contemporary art world.



Contact: (360) 992-2268

Program Director: Laura Lemasters 


The Clark College Athletics Department will enrich the greater community and the lives of student  athletes by instilling in them a lifelong enjoyment of sports and  physical activity.  With a commitment to diversity, integrity, and academic achievement, we provide a competitive and high quality range of sports programs that focus on learning teamwork and on student success. 

Clark Art Talks


Contact: (360) 992-2182

Program Director: Michelle Ramin 


Clark Art Talks serves the students and community of Clark College by hosting a monthly art lecture series. Distinguished artists and art scholars from around the country share their experiences related to their art practices and provide unique insights into their varied career paths and artistic techniques.

Columbia Writers Series


Contact: (360) 992-2173

Program Directors: 

Dawn Knopf 

Alexis Nelson


This program hosts professional writers--fiction, non-fiction, poets, playwrights, and screenwriters--to Clark College to  read from and discuss their work. This gives students an opportunity to meet, interact with, and learn from successful writers.

Counseling and Health Center

Contact: (360) 992-2614

Program Director: Megan Jasurda 


This program provides Clark Students with valuable advice, counseling, and treatment for health-related issues. 

The Iceberg


Contact: (360) 992-2637 or  (360) 992-2924

Program Director: Toby Peterson and Grant Hottle

Director Name


An annual anthology of student comics featuring writing and art produced by Clark students and alumni. This program supports student leaders, the creation of the annual publication, and an event to showcase the final production.

The Independent 


Contact: (360) 992-2972

Program Director: 



The Independent is Clark College's student news publication in print and online forms. It provides coverage of activities on and off campus to include athletics, instruction, facilities, administration, social issues and student government.

The Independent

Instrumental Music


Contact: (360) 992-2188

Program Director: Doug Harris  


This program provides a quality performance experience for all Clark students who wish to participate. Students have the opportunity to participate in Concert Band and Jazz Band.

International Student Club


Contact: Dinara Dursun 

Advisor: Csendi Hopp


To create a space for international students, students who have studied abroad and third-culture students. It would be a space to gather, share culture, information and resources. Students would periodically present about a country or region to a wider audience.

Meetings: Email the student contact



Contact: Email

Program Director: Ted Schatz 


This program provides drop in and play formats and events that aim to serve students with recreational opportunities regardless of skill or ability. Opportunities include: basketball, soccer and volleyball.

Model United Nations


Contact: (503) 929-0132

Program Director: Joe Cavalli


This program offers students a chance to participate in mock representation and delegations.

Multicultural Student Affairs


Contact: (360) 992-2672

Program Director: Rosalba Pitkin


This program focuses on supporting diversity at Clark by providing program support, services, and activities which foster multicultural perspective. A few upcoming events will be the Student of Color Luncheons, Queer Student Luncheons, and Students with Disabilities Luncheons.


Contact: (360) 992-2195

Program Director: Don Appert


This program provides students with an opportunity to participate in Orchestra concerts. Participation allows students to increase their musical skills, their knowledge of orchestral repertoire, and their own personal enrichment.


Outdoor & Recreation


Contact: Email

Program Director: Ted Schatz 


This program offers students an opportunity to experience outdoor and recreation activities. The program encourages personal growth through outdoor skills and volunteering by connecting the students with other students and professionals with a wide range of outdoor and recreation skill levels. Some of the activities will include: hiking, ice skating, kayaking, outdoor challenge courses, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and white water rafting.

Pep Band


Contact: (360) 992-2188

Program Director: Doug Harris


This program provides students with an opportunity to participate in Pep Band and learn more about performance.

Phi Theta Kappa – Student Honor Society


Contact: (360) 992-2381 & (360) 992-2382

Program Director: Darci Feider & Heather Leasure


Phi Theta Kappa, Clark College’s honor society, recognizes and encourages the academic achievement of two-year college students and provides opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in programming focused on leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and service.

All Clark College students are welcome to join our member meetings and participate in our local events.

Meetings: Email the contact 



Contact: (360) 992-2639

Program Director: Kathrena Halsinger


The Phoenix is the student art and literary publication at Clark College. Original student art and literature is compiled in an annual publication and distributed to students.

SADHA: Students of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association


Contact: (360) 992-2158

Program Director:  Kristi Taylor


SADHA focuses on student professional development and community service through support of social, cultural, educational, and leadership experiences with the college campus, local community, and the National Dental Hygiene Association.

STEM Nerd Girls


Contact:  (360) 992-2354 or (360) 992-2452

Program Directors:  

Tina Barsotti

Carol Hsu


This program provides opportunities for diverse learners to achieve their educational goals through the practice of creative problem solving, competitions, and networking opportunities. By providing these opportunities the program encourages students to countinue their path in the STEM field.

Student Ambassadors


Contact: (360) 992-2770

Program Director: Amy Tam


The Student Ambassador program is responsible for outreach to Clark College students through general information.

Student Government (ASCC)


Contact: (360) 992-2406

Program Director: Sarah Gruhler


Student Government is the Associated Students of Clark College (ASCC) which acts as a liaison between students, faculty, staff, administration and the community. They are charged with review and implementation of the ASCC Constitution and Bylaws, committee appointments, club promotions and approval, recruitment for student involvement and oversight of the services and activities (S&A) fees.

Student Government Meetings: will resume in fall 2023

Join Zoom Meeting: will resume in fall 2023

College Calendar of Events 



Contact: (360) 992-2346

Program Director: Gene Biby


The Theatre program provides Clark students with theatrical opportunities both on-stage and behind the scenes. The program offers three shows during the academic year, one during each quarter. These shows are chosen with student engagement in mind and typically consist of an American standard in the fall, a musical in the winter, and a contemporary work in the spring, offering a range of theatrical opportunities. 

Vocal Music


Contact: (360) 992-2245

Program Director:  Jacob Funk


The Vocal Music program encompasses the Concert Choir, Women's Choral Ensemble, and Chorale. These groups provide all Clark College students who wish to participate with quality choral music performance experiences.