One thing that surprises many Clark College students is how much more vibrant the campus life is than they’d expected it to be. Make no mistake: This community college really is a community. There are almost endless opportunities to get involved, make friends, have fun, and stretch yourself in new ways. Explore your options, and you’ll discover that some of the best learning doesn’t take place in a classroom.

Get Involved

Students making goofy faces for a photo.

College is the perfect place to grow into a successful leader.

Have Fun

Students in kimono for Sakura celebration.

From live performances to sports events, and from insightful lectures to cultural celebrations, there’s always an event going on where you can explore your interests— or develop new ones!

Make Connections

Graduates with a diversity center employee and mentor.

There are thousands of students at Clark College, and our clubs and student resource centers make it easy for each Penguin to find their flock.

Build Your Career

Student worker.

Student employment can provide you with income and great additions to your resume. Our Career Center can help you find the perfect job on or off campus.

Stay Healthy

Student soccer players in the soccer field.

Taking care of your physical and mental health will make it easier to succeed in your studies. We’ve got lots of ways for you to stay active and get care.

Stay Fed

McClaskey Culinary Institute patio with tables.

Face it—nobody studies well on an empty stomach! No matter your tastes, diet, or finances, Clark College has options for keeping you fueled up.



Student Blog

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Penguin Athetics

Clark Penguin Athletics logo.

Clark College has 11 sports teams all in the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC). Home games and matches are free for students. Get news and events about Athletics.

Student Newspaper

The student newspaper, the Independent, official header.

Clark College’s award-winning newspaper Independent (The INDY) has been featuring student journalism for over 70 years.

Read the latest issue.

Help and Contact Info

Other Resources


Student Life Office
Penguin Union Building, Room 160