Theatre Productions: 2020-2021 Season

A Note from Theatre Program Director Gene Biby

Like most theatres across America, Clark College had to cancel their last show of the 2019-2020 season and all of the 2020-2021 season. I am optimistic however, that 2021-2022 will include live performances once again. 

In the meantime, our theatre students continue to study the art and craft of theatre. Online teaching and Zoom meetings have enabled us to continue the work of educating and training our students. Once mask mandates are lifted, we look forward to in-person education and performance.

In the meantime, we worked on a small project utilizing Zoom as a way to perform. We gathered together current and former students to perform a one-act episode of an old time radio play, The Churning Skies. Gathering people together for rehearsals, hair, make-up, backdrops, and costumes was a challenge in this time of COVID. However, we’re pretty proud of what we’ve pulled off. In fact, when I asked if the cast would want to do something like this again, the answer was a resounding yes! 

The script was written by a dear friend of mine. Ruth Jackson Perkins, who has since passed. I made modifications as needed to adapt it to our needs. 

Please let us know your thoughts. And you can follow us on our Facebook Page. 

Watch our latest production

Director:  H. Gene Biby
Playwright:  Ruth Jackson Perkins
Technical Director:  Kyra Bishop Sanford
Costumes and Wigs:  Kim Forbes
Technical Advisor:  Mark Owsley
Patricia Tipton
Brendan Kinnee
Ryan Larson
Kennedy Quinn Marvin
Autumn Fivecoats
Jared Pengra
Samantha Williams

Commitment to Diversity

Clark Theatre embraces its role as part of an educational institution that is strongly committed to diversity. Our script selections reflect our mission to educate students and to initiate dialog about important topics. As a result, they may include violence, strong language, or overt sexuality that some audience members may find provocative. If you have questions about our production, we encourage you to research the play in advance or to contact our box office staff.