Student Forum Q&A

Find answers to questions that have been asked and see what Student Government is planning on doing about your concerns. The following questions and concerns come from notes taken from the fall 2018 student forum. As a result, they are not written word-for-word and are likely paraphrased.

Security and Technology

  • Why doesn’t Clark have security cameras?

    There are cameras in entry points and stairwells of certain buildings and Security plans to increase camera coverage in parking lots. Students at Clark College are not under surveillance.

  • Why doesn’t the STEM Building have any reception?

    The way the building was built and the materials it was built with interferes with cell phone coverage. Clark can’t fix cell phone service coverage- that is up to the phone carrier.

  • Why does the Wi-Fi crash at the beginning of each quarter?

    The front-end of the Wi-Fi cannot currently stand up to high traffic.

  • Is there a way to fix the Wi-Fi?

    IT is currently in the process of a three-phase approach to fix Wi-Fi issues on campus. They plan to stabilize the wifi and add more wifi access points.


Clubs, Programs, and Events

  • Why can’t clubs reserve space on campus unless they have three currently registered students?

    Three students are required to be on the signature card in order for clubs to be officially chartered. Clubs who are not chartered are not considered a recognized Clark College group or organization, so are unable to reserve space.

  • Why are there events for specific populations on campus? Why do groups need events centered on their identities?

    Student Government provides one-time funds and club service funding to clubs and groups to host events. The topic of these events are often specific to their group’s population or purpose and are open to all. Our events and work are within the College’s mission of equity and inclusivity. Student Luncheons are hosted by different departments.

  • How do I hold an event?

    In order to hold an event you need to be a recognized Clark College group or organization. To host an event as a student club or program you need to fill out an Event and Activity Request Form and have your advisor reserve a space in 25Live.

  • Are the events on campus open to everyone?

    Yes. Events on campus are open and inclusive to everyone unless otherwise stated.

  • Why doesn’t Clark have a mandatory orientation like WSU-V has?

    Clark will begin to have a mandatory orientation for new students enrolled in summer and fall 2019 classes. These orientations will start sometime during spring quarter.

  • New students wait in long lines for services without knowing where they even need to go. How do we address this and help new students find the services and resources they need?

    ASCC is currently working on a “student survival guide” that will aim to provide students with guidance and directions on how to navigate campus services and resources.


  • Why are there so many faculty and staff (F/S) parking spots compared to the number of student spots?

    According to Clark’s Parking Space Inventory, only about 14% of paved spaces are F/S spots. These spots are closer to the buildings in most cases.

  • Why are there parking meters on campus? If we pay to be here, then why do we have to pay to park?

    Metered parking spaces create revenue and are mainly intended for guests and visitors.

  • What are you planning on doing about parking?

    ASCC Student Government is brainstorming a plan to increase the amount of students who carpool. This would create more spaces on campus.

Campus Resources and Student Support

  • How is the quality of representation of our students measured? How do we gauge the ratio of student to staff representation?

    Information is currently being sought from Planning & Effectiveness.

  • Why was the Running Start Office combined with general Advising? There is a longer wait time now.

    Advising Services merged the advising functions formerly held within the standalone running start office with the intention to connect with running start students in a holistic manner. The goal is to support/advise all students at Clark College with clear and consistent information based on a student’s educational path. 

    Further, the wait-time to meet with an advisor has been further reduced through a recent change to same-day appointments. Under this new model, students can get a set time in the day to come back and connect with their advisor without the need to wait in the lobby, though they are welcome to do so.  Feel free to provide and additional feedback to the Director of Advising Services.

  • Is there a code I can text to be notified when I need to register?

    There are not text reminders for class registration, but you can stay up to date with Student Life activities by texting “Penguins” to 76626.

  • Are the food trucks coming back?

    No. The food trucks were temporarily on campus to fulfill a student need while the culinary center was closed.

  • How do you plan to improve student participation? What about for other student programs like Peer Mentors, Ambassadors, Tutors, etc.?

    Through social media engagement, working with faculty and staff, tabling, word-of-mouth, incentives, class visits, general outreach, and activities that are open to everyone. We are more than happy to work with other leadership groups on campus to help promote engagement with them and/or their events.