ASCC Committees

ASCC Student Representative – College Council/Committee Member

The ASCC Student Representative is responsible for providing student voice to current College councils and committees. This crucial role is responsible for attending a variety of College council and committee meetings throughout the academic year and providing monthly reports to the ASCC Student Government. The Student Representative position requires excellent communication skills, organization, time management, and ability to respond promptly to in person and written communication.

Specific Responsibilities:

Payment for completion of the above duties:

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Academic Standards Committee

  • This committee evaluates and rules on petitions to waive educational requirements, to “set aside” past records, and for reinstatement from academic suspension.
  • Evaluates credits transferred from non-accredited institutions, service schools, training institutions, etc.
  • Recommends to Instructional Planning Team (IPT) guidelines for challenging courses, for granting credit by CLEP examinations, and for granting credit for experience, and refers to IPT recommended policies or modifications related to educational requirements of the College.
  • One Student Representative.

Art Selection Committee

  • This committee shall be responsible for selecting art through the Washington State Arts Commission Art in Public Places Program. This program facilitates the acquisition, placement, and stewardship of artwork in state-funded building projects. One-half of one percent for art funds is generated by new construction projects in state agencies, community colleges, universities, and public schools. Local committees representing project sites make all final artwork selection decisions.
  • One Student Representative.

ASCC Appointments Committee

  • This committee is responsible for selecting the ASCC Student Government leaders for the following school year.
  • Four Student Representatives, not members of ASCC Student Government or Actvities Programming Board.

ASCC Constitution and Bylaws Review Committee

  • This committee is responsible for reviewing and proposing possible changes of the ASCC Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Three Student Representatives, not members of ASCC Student Government or Actvities Programming Board.

ASCC Services & Activities (S&A) Fee Committee

  • This committee develops the S&A Fee Budget for presentation to the Board of Trustees.
  • Six Student Representatives, not members of ASCC Student Government or Actvities Programming Board.

Classified Staff Excellence Awards Committee

  • This Committee reviews applications and determines the granting of exceptional classified staff awards.
  • One Student Representative.

Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT)

  • This committee is an advisory council composed of key individuals, departments, and community partners who are committed to the prevention and response of sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking. The CCRT reviews campus policies/procedures around sexual violence to develop and implement a strategic plan for sexual violence education, prevention, and response across Clark College.
  • One Student Representative.

Curriculum Committee

  • The Curriculum Committee is responsible for reviewing the appropriateness and integrity of course offerings, approving new courses, course changes, and deleting individual courses. The committee reviews proposals with consideration to appropriateness as a lower-division course, congruence between content and credits, rigor of course, student leaning objectives, grading methods and impact on students, programs, and college resources.   Curriculum Committee meetings are open to the campus.
  • One Student Representative.

Emergency Management Committee

  • This committee meets to discuss planning, training, and other emergency preparedness issues.
  • One Student Representative.

Facilities Master Planning Committee

  • This committee provides leadership in the development, evaluation, and periodic update of the college’s comprehensive Facilities Master Plan. In addition, the committee will review proposals for facilities space allocation consistent with the Plan and in a manner that promotes the effective and efficient use of facilities space – both in the short term and long term. The committee will forward space allocation recommendations to the Executive Cabinet for approval.
  • One Student Representative.

Faculty Excellence Awards Committee

  • This committee is responsible for reviewing applications, developing award criteria, and determining the annual recipients of exceptional faculty awards.
  • One Student Representative.

The Instructional Planning Team (IPT)

  • This committee is responsible for instituting and overseeing the instructional planning process; making recommendations to the Vice President of Instruction regarding academic policy such as distribution, transfer and degree requirements; developing and revising program review procedure, monitoring the scope of program review, resolving disputes related to program review activities; and making recommendations to the Vice President of Instruction regarding the approval of new programs and changes to and deletions of current programs. IPT meetings are open to the campus.
  • One Student Representative.

Safety Committee

  • This committee coordinates and communicates matters involving employee and student safety and health arising from the College’s physical environment.
  • Reviews safety and health measure, equipment, and supplies and prioritizes recommendations for change or improvement.
  • Reviews and provides feedback on environmental health and safety programs and policies.
  • Advocates for a safe and healthy workplace by serving as role models and fostering cooperation College-wide.
  • Evaluates accident investigations conducted since the last meeting to determine causes of the unsafe situation was identified and corrected.
  • One Student Representative.

Student Conduct Committee

  • This committee provides a fair and impartial hearing and makes decisions on all disciplinary decisions appealed to it.
  • Four Full-Time Student Representatives and two alternates.

Technology Fee Committee

  • The Technology Fee Committee reviews and approves the annual technology fee budget and reviews proposals for special projects to be funded with Technology Fee funds.
  • Monitor and evaluate information technology services to students and recommend action to improve and expand services.
  • Work with the Information Technology Council and Information Technology Services on information technology planning.
  • Two Student Representatives.

Tenure Review Committee

  • This committee reviews instructors on the tenure track with class observations and discussions on their performance.
  • Committee meets once each quarter for 2 hours.
  • Year-long commitment.
  • One Full-Time Student Representative per tenure committee – 33 opportunities available.

Tree Advisory Committee

  • This committee dentifies the policies, procedures, and practices that are used in establishing, protecting, maintaining, and removing trees on the Clark College campus. The overall goal of the plan is to ensure a safe, attractive, and sustainable campus urban forest.
  • Ensure proper species selection, high-quality nursery stock acquisition, and industry-consensus planting procedures.
  • Protect high-value campus trees during construction and renovation projects.
  • Promote tree health and safety.
  • Ensure that trees are reasonably replaced when there is mortality due to weather, pest infestations, injury, or construction displacement.
  • Encourage campus and community members to respect and value the campus urban forest.
  • One Student Representative.