897.000 - Universal Design Committee

The Universal Design Committee will strive to create a more inclusive, accessible campus for those of all abilities. Since Universal Design is a broad term in education, this committee will often use the terms universal accessibility or physical accessibility to describe the committee’s main focus. Physical accessibility is defined as: assessing the built everyday environment for full usability for those of all abilities, (especially those with physical disabilities). Universal accessibility refers to the everyday built and digital/online environments.

This committee will devise its annual or bi-annual strategies and projects based on: (1) feedback from the campus community on physical/digital barriers, (2) physical accessibility strategies named in our college’s Social Equity Plan, and (3) 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

This committee will serve as an advocacy committee for accessibility considerations of Clark’s built/physical and digital/online environments to campus stakeholders.


  1. ADA Coordinator (Chair)
  2. Executive Cabinet Member (standing member)
  3. Facilities Design/Architect Lead (standing member)
  4. Human Resources Representative (standing member)
  5. Student Affairs Representative (standing member)
  6. Social Equity Representative, appointed by the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (standing member)
  7. Faculty Member Representative (standing member)
  8. ASCC Representative (standing member)
  9. Instruction Representative (standing member)
  10. Classified Staff Member (standing member)
  11. Administrative/Exempt Staff Member (standing member)

Depending on the identified scope of an issue or project, members of IT (Information Technology), Facilities Master Planning Committee, Safety Committee, ADOPC (Accessibility Development Oversight Planning Committee) and Emergency Management Planning Committee may be appointed to serve on the committee or consulted for a specific length of time or until the project is completed.

New Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
October 22, 2019