862.000 - Information Technology Committee

The purpose of the Information Technology Committee is to:

  1. Perform short-term and long-term planning related to information technology at the College with input from the Executive Cabinet, Information Technology Services, and the College community.

  2. Act as liaison between the College administration, Information Technology Services, and the College community on matters related to information technology.

  3. Work with Information Technology Services, the Technology Fee Committee, the Foundation Funds Allocation Committee, and other College committees to establish annual priorities for major information technology projects at the College. Review and recommend projects to be funded. Prepare and submit budgetary information to appropriate entity for approval.

  4. Establish and maintain policies related to the acquisition and use of information technology resources, and forward to Executive Cabinet for approval.

  5. Recommend hardware and software standards for information technology at the College.  Periodically review standards and update as needed.

  6. Assess the training needs of the College community and formulate recommendations to the Executive Cabinet to satisfy those needs.

  7. In cooperation with Information Technology Services, review the technical support needs of the College community. Recommend to the Information Technology Services technical support changes or additions.

  8. Assist in maintaining the alignment between administrative and instructional goals in the area of information technology.


  1. Chief information officer, chair (standing member)
  2. Administrative services representative (standing member)
  3. Instruction representative (standing member)
  4. Student affairs representative (standing member)
  5. Classified staff member (two-year appointment)
  6. Four faculty members (two-year appointments)
  7. ASCC representative (one-year appointment)

New Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
August 14, 2018