857.000 - Finance Committee for ASCC

The Finance Committee is responsible for developing a Service and Activity Fee Budget for presentation to the ASCC Executive Council. After the approval by the ASCC Executive Council, the budget is presented to the Clark College Executive Cabinet and, subsequently, to the Clark College Board of Trustees for approval. The Finance Committee also advises the ASCC finance director on other budgetary matters.


  1. ASCC finance director, chair (one-year appointment)
  2. Six students who are not members of the ASCC Executive Council or Activities Programming Board, appointed by the ASCC vice president (one-year appointments)
  3. Two faculty members who are not ASCC program directors, appointed by the vice president of instruction (two-year appointments)
  4. Director of business services or designee (standing member)
  5. Director of student life and multicultural student affairs (advisory member, non-voting)
  6. Vice president of student affairs or designee (advisory member, non-voting)