856.000 - Faculty Excellence Awards Committee

The Faculty Excellence Awards Committee is responsible for reviewing applications developing award criteria, and determining the annual recipients of exceptional faculty awards.

The individual award amounts are determined by the Board of Trustees. If the faculty excellence fund allocation exceeds the amount needed to fund the recipient awards in a given year, the unspent portion will be banked for use in future years, for future faculty excellence award recipients.

Any state faculty excellence funds matched by a donor with a specific intent will be used in accordance of the intent of the donor. The department or program faculty eligible for the use of these restricted funds will develop a process for allocating the funds. 


  1. One faculty member from each instructional unit, jointly appointed by the vice president of instruction and the AHE president (two-year appointment)
  2. Vice president of instruction or designee (standing member)
  3. ASCC representative (one-year appointment)

The chair is selected by the committee.

Revised Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
September 28, 2010