850.000 - Environmental Health and Safety Committee

The Safety Committee coordinates and communicates matters involving employee and student safety and health arising from the College's physical environment and:

  1. Review safety and health inspection reports to help correct safety hazards.
  2. Brings to the administration's attention safety concerns not resolved through college service departments.
  3. Evaluate the accident investigations conducted since the last meeting to determine if the cause(s) of the unsafe situation was identified and corrected.
  4. Advocates for a safe and healthy workplace by serving as role models and fostering cooperation college-wide.
  5. Evaluate your workplace accident and illness prevention program and discuss recommendations for improvement, if needed.
  6. Document attendance.
  7. Meetings must be audio-recorded.
  8. Write down subjects discussed and prepare minutes from each safety committee and preserve them for one year for L&I and three years for Clark College.
  9. Meetings should be one hour or less, unless extended by a majority vote of the committee

Minutes from each meeting shall be kept for a minimum of three years and will be made available for review by safety and health consultation personnel of the Department of Labor and Industries. Records are to be maintained by the Environmental Health and Safety Department.

Membership Criteria:

The number of employee-elected members must equal or exceed the number of employer-selected members. The chair must be elected by the members of the committee and serve a one-year term. Elected members serve a one-year term. There is no limit to the number of terms served by the chair or elected members. The Committee will reflect the cultural diversity of the staff as a whole and uphold the college’s equity framework.

Sub-department Safety Committees:

Any department can have a safety sub-committee with approval from their department chair.  Sub-committees must follow WAC 296-800-13020 code regarding safety committees and align with the work of the college Safety Committee.



  1. Director of security/safety (standing member)
  2. Director of facilities services (standing member)
  3. Director of disability support services (standing member)
  4. Environmental health and safety (standing member)
  5. ODEI (standing member)
  6. ASCC representative (one-year appointment)


One employee-elected representative* from each of the following areas (one-year terms):


  3. Facilities/Greenhouse/SCI
  4. AA Complex/Diesel
  7. FHL/HWK/Hannah Hall
  8. CFS
  9. HSC/APH
  10. CTC
  11. Future developments


* May include non-represented, classified or faculty employees. Elections will be conducted in accordance with respective collective bargaining agreements.


Revised Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet

November 15, 2022