847.000 - Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee

The Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee provides expertise and direction for the professional development activities for Clark College full-time and part-time employees. The Committee provides oversight for developing and assessing the operational plan, developing and managing the budget, professional development programming, and other initiatives key to the fulfillment of the College mission.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Recommend College-wide professional development and training initiatives and activities.
  2. Identify and prioritize professional development and training needs.
  3. Assist with implementing professional development activities as needed.
  4. Assist with identifying resources for professional development and training.


  1. Associate vice president of human resources, co-chair (standing member)
  2. Dean of libraries, eLearning, tutoring and faculty development, co-chair (standing member)
  3. Faculty development program coordinator (standing member)
  4. Employee development program coordinator (standing member)
  5. Information Technology Services representative (standing member)
  6. Office of Diversity and Equity representative (standing member)
  7. eLearning representative (standing member)
  8. Student Affairs representative (standing member)
  9. ctcLink representative
  10. Six faculty members.
    a. Three full-time: one Career Technical Education; one Basic Education; one Transfer Education (two-year appointments)
    b. One adjunct (two-year appointment)
    c. One Outcomes Assessment liaison (two-year appointment)
    d. One librarian/counselor (two-year appointment)
  11. Classified staff representative (two-year appointment)

The composition of the TLC advisory committee reflects a cooperative and integrated approach to professional development and creates an environment where employees are sharing viewpoints on workplace issues and contributing side-by-side. Subcommittees will be formed for planning specific activities and initiatives, i.e. Fall Orientation. Subcommittees charged with planning targeted professional development will be made up of a majority of representatives from that constituency. 

Revised Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
February 18, 2014
February 10, 2015