837.000 - Emergency Management Planning Committee

The Emergency Management Planning Committee is composed of representatives and technical experts who provide leadership for the College’s emergency management and planning efforts. The Emergency Management Planning Committee meets monthly or as needed.


  1. Director of risk management, chair (standing member)
  2. Vice president of administrative services, vice-chair (standing member)
  3. Vice president of student affairs or designee (standing member)
  4. Vice president of instruction or designee (standing member)
  5. Chief communications officer (standing member)
  6. Director of facilities services (standing member)
  7. Director of security/safety (standing member)
  8. Director of information and technology services (standing member)
  9. Emergency program manager (standing member) 
  10. Environmental health and safety manager or designee (standing member)
  11. Faculty member representatives – 3 (two-year appointment)
  12. Classified staff representatives – 2 (two-year appointment)
  13. Building administrator (or designee) representing the Columbia Tech Center, Clark College at WSU-V and other satellite locations.
  14. Representative from Corporate and Continuing Education (appointed by associate vice president of corporate and continuing education)
  15. ASCC representative (one-year appointment)

New Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
February 16, 2010
Revised Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
November 12, 2013