802.000 - Academic Calendar Committee

The Academic Calendar Committee develops and recommends an academic calendar for the succeeding year or years (if biennium) for adoption by the Board of Trustees in time to be included in the College Catalog. Members will ensure that all faculty contracted work days, registration, class start dates, final exams, holidays and other key dates are included in the development of the calendar. The Vice President of Instruction, in concurrence with the Academic Calendar Committee, will present a proposed biennial academic calendar to the President no later than January 30 of the applicable year.

Members: A total of eight voting members will be appointed to the committee for one-year terms. Members may serve succeeding terms. The membership will consist of 50% faculty members appointed by the Association (including at least one adjunct faculty member) and 50% other individuals appointed by the College President.

  1. Four faculty members—including one adjunct and one representative from AHE (voting members)
  2. Vice president of instruction (or designee, voting member)
  3. One voting member appointed by the vice president of administrative services
  4. One voting member appointed by the vice president of student affairs
  5. One voting member representing WPEA
  6. ASCC president (ex officio member)
  7. Executive director of communications and marketing (or designee, ex officio member)

The committee chair will be elected from the membership.

Subject matter experts may be invited to participate as requested by the committee.

New Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
May 22, 2012