Phlebotomy Technician Advisory Committee

The Phlebotomy curriculum prepares students to perform skin and venipunctures, to obtain, transport and process laboratory specimens, and to function as a member of a medical laboratory team.

VISION STATEMENT: The Clark College Phlebotomy Program is dedicated to providing a career pathway in an ever-changing industry. We combine extraordinary education with advanced clinical experience to create a solid foundation that prepares our students for today’s workforce.

PURPOSE STATEMENT: The Clark College Phlebotomy Program is committed to providing students with a comprehensive professional and practical application of phlebotomy and its relevance to patient care though quality teaching and varied clinical settings.


Next Advisory Meeting

Wednesday, April 24, 2019
5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Clark College at WSU (CCW),  Room 105

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Committee Information

Committee Chair: Lisa Parkman
Committee Vice Chair: Robin Conomos

If you are a committee member and would like a copy of the member roster, please contact the advisory committee coordinator at

Committee Documents

Work Plan

2015-2016 PHLE Work Plan


Phlebotomy By-Laws