Toyota T-Ten Advisory Committee

Clark College is an award-winning Toyota Technical Education Network (T-TEN) training center. Our T-TEN program requires a Toyota Dealer sponsorship prior to admission. Entry into the program is yearly, beginning summer quarter; the format is a two-year program of a quarter of instruction on campus followed by a quarter of on-the-job learning. This means that for the two years that they are in the program, students alternate one quarter of full-time classroom and lab practice with one quarter as a full-time dealership apprentice.


Next Advisory Meeting

FALL 2022.  Stay tuned for details! 

Location: To be determined



Committee Information

Committee Chair: Steve Schumacher
Committee Vice Chair: Kerrie Keesee

If you are a committee member and would like a copy of the member roster please contact the advisory committee coordinator at


Committee Documents

Work Plan

2016-2017 Toyota T-Ten Work Plan

Recruitment Plan

Toyota TTEN Recruitment Plan 2018-2019


Toyota T-Ten Bylaws