Advisory Committees

   Fall Campus

Thank you to all of our committee members that volunteer their time and expertise to our programs. 

We have moved to remote services and all meetings moving forward will take place via Zoom. 

Clark College is excited to work with the community volunteers and employers who contribute their time to our program Advisory Committees.

If you are interested in volunteering for a program Advisory Committee, please contact

Color Blind or Color Brave?

Welcome to the New Academic Year! - Articles and Information

Guided Pathways

Clark College will continue with work on Guided Pathways as we continue to follow the outline of our Academic Plan. The new Areas of Study have been adopted, and you can read more about the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) initiative.  

Shifting perceptions on the four-year degree:

Read the article! 'Bachelor's Degree Unnecessary for 30 Million 'Good Jobs''

More information can be found from the Georgetown University study that supported the article: Good Jobs that Pay without a BA

There is also continuing data to support gaining a credential beyond High School: 'College Degrees Lead to 'Good Jobs''