2007-2008 Clark College Exceptional Classified Staff Award Honorees

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Scott Coffie, eLearning

2007-2008 Exceptional Classified Staff honoree Scott CoffieInformation Technology Specialist Scott Coffie was described by his nominators as “the backbone of the [eLearning] department."  "Without him," they said, "Clark College would not have been able to survive the substantial growth that eLearning has [experienced] in the last two years." 

Coffie, who has been at Clark College for 26 years, has played a major role in shaping the media and technology presence at Clark from his role in the implementation of the original video network and interactive TV system to the work to keep online services up-to-date with current technology. 

Coffie was praised for providing "the most up-to-date and professional service possible to eLearning customers." 

Another person wrote to thank Scott Coffie for sharing his expertise on using multimedia in the online classroom.  They said, "His presentation was informative, interesting and very entertaining…I’m hoping to integrate some of what I learned into my virtual classroom….You’re an asset to Clark and its faculty!"  

Chris Concannon, Webmaster

2007-2008 Exceptional Classified Staff honoree Chris ConcannonIf you have ever used an online service at Clark College, searched for schedule information on the college Web site, used the Web site to register for classes, looked up a college phone number or e-mail address electronically, or taken an online survey, you can thank Webmaster Chris Concannon for making it possible.  Concannon works with, supports and assists virtually every department and unit at Clark College.  As a result, he helps virtually every student, member of the college community, and member of the greater community who seeks information from -- and about -- Clark College. 

Chris Concannon researched over 200 Web sites to develop an effective Web site for the college.  He created an online advisor and online student orientation system for students, worked with IT services to create a system to verify user ID and pin numbers to enable students to utilize services, built software to easily create online surveys, created an online registration form for the Foundation, and played a critical role in the successful launch of Clark College’s eLearning program. 

In the nomination form, Chris Concannon was described as “a professional in every sense of the word....His 'can do' attitude and willingness to ‘think outside the box’ makes working with Chris a pure joy.”

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