Student Accounts

All students have 4 accounts, Follow the guides below to get acquainted with them.

Student Email Account

This is a free Google account and can be accessed via This email can be used to access all Google apps.

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 Clark Labs Account

Clark Labs account allows current students to access various services and resources on campus and the Clark Website. The account uses a username and password that expires and requires to be reset frequently.

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ctcLink Account

ctcLink Account allows a student to manage their student services at Clark. This includes class scheduling and payments e.t.c. The account must be activated and requires a ctcLink ID and password for log in.

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Canvas Account

Canvas is Clark's primary learning management system. All online and many hybrid classes use Canvas to hand out assignments and learning materials. Canvas account uses the ctcLink account to log in.

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Need Assistance?

If you are having issues with your accounts and the above pages do not answer your questions, please forward your  to the Techhub.