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Any device that will connect to the Clark network should be purchased through the ITS purchasing system. Departments do not need to involve ITS for items such as toner, keyboards, mice, etc. 


Becky Udwary
Administrative Srvs Mgr
(360) 992 - 2740


Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m - 5:00 p.m

Purchasing Process:

When a department would like to purchase a new device:

  1. The department will create a ticket through the Help Desk for a hardware or software quote.
  2. ITS will help determine the needs and provide quotes for the equipment, which will be attached to the ticket. For larger projects or unusual requests, Media Services, Project Management, and/or ITS Security may be consulted which can extend the amount of time needed.
  3. If the quote is approved, the department will create the purchase requisition and attach the quote. 
  4. ITS will receive the equipment and transfer the ticket to a technician for installation. 

Purchasing Standards:

To help create a standard system across campus for ease of use, ITS has designated certain standard equipment. Exceptions can be made for specialized equipment with the proper documentation and approval.