Computing Resources for Students

Clark College offers multiple computing resources to assist students with their educational career. These resources include various accounts that let students use technical services such as lab computers, emails and Canvas. Clark College also provides multiple resources to get technical assistance in the form of the Techhub and Lead Labs teams. Additionally, technical help with personal devices and softwares is available through Student Help Desk.


Accounts & Passwords

Clark Students can access multiple resources by their student accounts. A student should have the following accounts activated:

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The TechHub offers Clark students a one-stop solution for technical assistance. Contact TechHub for password resets, account issues and technical questions. Their staff will help you resolve your issue or refer you to a department that can assist you.

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Computer Labs

Clark College provides computing labs with educational software and programs. Computer labs are available to all currently enrolled students. A student must read and abide by the Student Computing Resources Policy while using the computer labs.


Student Wireless

All current students can connect their personal devices to the Clark_Students Wi-Fi. Students must have a valid and active Clark Labs account set up to use the wireless network.

For information and assistance connecting your device to the wireless network, contact TechHub.

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Student Help Desk

Members of the community can get technical assistance for their personal devices from the student run help desk. The services are available to all individuals regardless of their enrollment status.

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Rave Alerts

Rave Alerts is Clark College's Emergency Notification System. It allows subscribers to quickly receive emergency communications and other important information via text messages and emails.

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Computing Resources - Frequently Asked Questions

For more questions about Student Computing Resources offered at Clark, view the Computing Resources FAQ page.