I started at Clark as a Running Start student in 2007. At the time I attended a high school that offered little in the way of honors or AP classes, so Running Start was an awesome way for me to take rigorous classes in interesting subjects. I was an avid debater for Clark's speech and debate program, and I took that passion with me when I left for Williams College in 2009, eventually becoming the president of the Williams College Debating Union.

Since graduating from Williams I have taught for two years in Detroit as part of Teach for America. I applied to law school this past fall and ended up having my pick of schools, including Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Chicago. I ultimately chose to attend Duke Law on a full scholarship, and I'll be starting there this fall.

For students like me who were tired of high school academics and social life, Clark was truly a Godsend. I did relatively poorly in my first two years of high school, largely by virtue of boredom, but managed to get a 4.0 both of my years at Clark. I suspect my potential would have lain dormant these years were it not for Clark and Running Start, so I am immensely and forever grateful that I was able to attend.

Go Penguins!

Zachary Ferguson, Running Start, Alumnus