Student Print Account

Clark College implemented a print management system in computer labs in an effort to curb waste and control the cost of consumable supplies.

All students are permitted 1500 free printing credits every quarter.  The 1500 free credits quota expires at the end of each quarter.  Purchased credits roll over, and end every academic year.

Printing Job Costs:

Page Type Credits Needed
1 page black and white 5 printing credits
1 duplex page black and white 8 printing credits
1 page color 20 printing credits

 If you run out of printing credits, additional credits can be purchased by visiting the SHL135/CCW129/CTC212 PaperCut Print Credit Vending Machine. For questions please call or email calling the Labs Office at: (360) 992-2431.

 Printing Credit Rates:

Purchase Cost Credits Issued
$5.00 500 printing credits
$10.00 1000 printing credits
$20.00 2000 printing credits

The print management system will:

 Below you will find an FAQ document that will answer many of the questions you may have. If you have questions that are not answered in the FAQ document, feel free to contact


Clark College Computer Lab Print Management System: Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you implementing a Print Management System?

Expenses for consumable supplies (paper, toner) have increased sharply in recent years. This is due to the marked increase in online course material and other online resources. But we are also observing considerable waste in the form of discarded print jobs. The Print Management System will help conserve resources by elevating student awareness of inefficient and wasteful printing habits.

How does the Print Management System work?

The print management software tracks student print activity based on the student lab account. With certain exceptions, you are required to logon to the network using your personal username and password in order to print. At the beginning of each quarter, you are allocated 1500 "credits" that can be expended on various types of print jobs. Each point has a cash equivalent of one cent. The cost, in points, for common print jobs are as follows:

  • 8.5" x 11" monochrome –5 credits/page
  • 8.5" x 11" monochrome double sided (duplex) printing–8 credits/page (saves points on print jobs of 4 or more pages)
  • 8.5 x" 11" color–20 credits/page (not all labs have color printers)

Once the quota is expended, you will need to purchase additional points in order to continue printing.

How are additional credits purchased?

You can purchase additional points on the spot using  a vending machine which will be available at each college location to dispense cards with a top-up code representing several purchase options ($5, $10, $20).

If a top-up card obtained from a vending machine is lost or stolen, can it be replaced?

No, top-up cards are equivalent to cash. There is no mechanism to track/cancel the cards and issue refunds.

Will I receive any warnings that my print quota is about to expire?

Yes, a pop-up screen will warn you that you are approaching the quota limit and will display the number of points remaining.

Do unused quota credits carry forward from one quarter to the next?

No, the quota is reset to 1500 credits each quarter.

Which labs are impacted?

All labs where the consumable supplies (paper, toner) are funded by the Technology Fee are impacted. In certain cases, supplies for dedicated instructional computer labs are funded using departmental resources, in which case the quotas do not apply.

How was the amount of the free quota decided?

The Tech Fee Committee recommended a 750 credits (150 monochrome pages) quota based on the average quota used at other institutions in the Washington Community and Technical College system. In subsequent conversations with the Instructional Council, it was recommended that the quota be increased to 1500 credits (300 monochrome pages). This recommendation was adopted by the Tech Fee Committee.

How was the cost per page determined?

The price of a monochrome print job is based on the actual historical cost of printing at Clark College and includes the amortized cost of the printer, routine printer maintenance, and consumable supplies. The cost of a color page is an estimate that will be refined as we are able to quantify actual costs.

Will this system generate revenue in excess of actual costs?

No, the system is intended to control costs and reduce waste. The cost of the free quota is subsidized by the Tech Fee.

How will this impact generic lab accounts that have been used by departments to avoid problems with individual student accounts at the beginning of each quarter?

Generic accounts will still be supported but, with certain exceptions, generic accounts will be disabled after the first week of classes. Generic accounts will also have quotas attached to them similar to the quotas that students are assigned, though larger. Once the quota is exceeded, the generic account is disabled but a department can fund additional quotas, if desired. Note: with few exceptions, generic accounts are not intended to circumvent the use of the personal accounts assigned to each student. Students are encouraged to use their username and password at the start of the quarter in order to use college computing resources.

Will you be educating students on ways to print more efficiently?

Yes, Lab Assistants will be available in open computer labs to advise students. In addition, print material will be available in the labs recommending less costly and less wasteful printing practices.