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Archer Gallery

Archer Gallery serves the students and community of Clark College by exhibiting contemporary art in a not-for-profit educational setting.  In order to exhibit work that has a strong interest for an academic institution, the gallery brings work that fulfills at least one of the following criteria.

-Regionally, nationally or internationally exhibiting professional artists
-Artwork that has a strong connection to new contemporary art concepts or methods
-Artwork that connects to Clark College Art Department curriculum and programs
-Works by artists with significant historical influence on contemporary art practices

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History of Archer Gallery
In 1978, an art gallery opened at Clark College.  Then known as the Index Gallery, it was located on the lower level of Gaiser Hall, accessible only through the college bookstore.

In 1982, Jim Archer (seen in the photo on the left), then a professor of art history at the college, became curator of the gallery.   Successful in attracting well-known Northwest artists, the Index Gallery became known as one the region's top alternative venues for contemporary artists. 

The woman in the photo is Ellen Curtis, who was a Clark College student and volunteer in the Archer Gallery in the 80s. She helped Jim Archer install the first show in that space.

The gallery moved into a 3,500-square foot space in Gaiser Hall.  The gallery was renamed in Archer�s honor in September 1995.   After being closed for nearly a year due to the renovation of Gaiser Hall and the construction of the Penguin Union Building, the Archer Gallery reopened its doors in its new location in March 2005.

Carson Legree, a current Clark College Art professor, was the director from 1995-1997. Marjorie Hirsch became the Gallery Director in 1997, continuing through 2009. Marjorie's exhibitions over the twelve years expanded the reputation of the Archer Gallery as an outstanding contemporary art venue in the Northwest.

Archer Gallery Donor Wall
Archer gallery Donor wall unveiling

Archer gallery Donor wall unveiling
Archer gallery Donor wall unveiling
Above, (left to right: former Gallery Directors Marjorie Hirsch and Jim Archer, Lisa Gibert, and Clark College Art Professor Carson Legree unveil the new donor wall on April 13, 2005.  Above right, former Gallery Director Marjorie Hirsch and Clark College Foundation President Lisa Gibert.  Right,  an appreciative crowd applauds as the new donor wall for the Archer Gallery is unveiled.

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