Wellness Champions

Celebrate who you are and how far you have come! Be a Wellness Champion!

Clark College Wellness Champions are employees from all departments and employee groups who are committed to supporting the college’s initiative to make employee health and wellness a priority.  They support the Healthy Penguin Nation Program by sharing wellness information with their co-workers, participating in wellness activities and events, and encouraging their colleagues to get involved. 

The ideal Champion is not someone who is necessarily the most fit, but someone who understands the importance of making healthier choices and is enthusiastic in their approach to health and wellness. For more information, contact Vanessa Bural.

Tips for becoming a Wellness Champion

Submit your testimonial

Share your wellness story (achievements and setbacks) with the community. 

Can you relate to any of these examples? If so, send your submission to Vanessa Bural.

 Participate in an activity or event

Encourage others