Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Admission FAQs

Do I need a TOEFL or IELTs score to apply to Clark College?

Yes. You can apply to Clark College with a standardized English placement test score such as TOEFL or IELTS. You must demonstrate proof of English proficiency prior to admission.

What is the SEVIS fee? Do I have to pay it?

The SEVIS/I-901 fee is collected by the U.S government to support the student immigration database system. You must pay the SEVIS fee ($200) before scheduling your visa appointment. Bring your SEVIS fee payment receipt to your visa appointment.

Can I substitute other financial documents for a bank statement?

No, assets must be liquid (cash ready). We do not accept any documents except your, your family’s, or your financial sponsor’s bank statement.

How long does it take to be admitted to Clark College?

If you fill out the International Student Application completely and submit all required application documents, it takes up to 2 weeks to process your application documents and send your admission packet with I-20 (immigration document) to you.

Will I need to purchase health insurance if I already have it from my country?

Health care is expensive in the U.S. You are required to purchase the Clark College health insurance through Firebird International Insurance Group unless you have proof of a pre-approved government sponsored insurance.

What is the deadline for admission?

Check our dates and deadlines carefully for admission deadlines, mandatory orientation dates and the start dates for classes.

Can you email me a scanned copy of my I-20?

The I-20 is an important immigration document. We are legally required to send the original paper I-20 to you, NOT a scanned copy. No exceptions.

Still have questions about admission?

Email or call 1-360-992-2390 to schedule an appointment.

Advising FAQs

How do I get a copy of my transcript?

There are two types of transcripts, official and unofficial. You can print a copy of your unofficial transcript from your My Clark account.  However, scholarship sponsors, governments, and other schools may need an official copy of your transcript.

To order an official copy of your transcript, you must have your student ID number, a credit or debit card, and the address of the person or school you want the transcript sent to. If you want to pick up the transcript yourself, you can make that request at the Clark College Registration office. It is possible to obtain a transcript faster by paying an extra fee.

How do I find out my grades?

Final grades are usually posted within 10 days after the last day of finals each term. To find the exact posting date for a given term, see the important dates.

How do I calculate my GPA?

Use the step by step instructions on how to calculate your GPA. You must know the number of credits and your grades, or expected grades, for each class to calculate your GPA.

Can I take an online class?

If you are taking college-level classes, you must take at least 9 of your 12 credits in person, often called “traditional” or “web-enhanced” classes at Clark. Although you may take 3 of the required 12 credits online, International Programs does NOT recommend online classes.

  • The U.S. government restricts international students to only 3 online credits out of the required 12 credits.
  • Many international students find online classes to be more difficult because of the additional reading and writing requirements.
  • You must have excellent reading and writing skills to be successful in online classes.
  • Some scholarships will not pay for online classes, so check with your sponsor.

Can I take a hybrid class?

Immigration regulations do not prevent students from taking hybrid classes.  However, International Programs strongly suggests students consider such classes carefully.  At Clark, a hybrid class means that 30%-80% of the class is conducted online.  You may find classes conducted primarily online to be more difficult because you must have excellent reading and writing skills.

Can I take a class pass/no pass?

It depends upon the class.  If you choose pass/no pass, when you enroll in a class, you will receive an S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory) on your official transcript instead of a letter or number grade. Certain subjects, such as English and Math or classes in your major, may only be taken for a letter grade based upon the policy of the academic department. For other classes, a student has to secure the permission of the instructor and the dean to be able to take it as a pass/no pass class. No more than 30 credits may be taken pass/no pass to obtain an associate degree at Clark College.

What happens if I don’t pass a class?

  • If it is a college-level class, you may be required to take it again, depending on your major. 
  • Clark College allows you to take a class up to three times and to replace the letter grade.

What is the academic standards policy?

The academic standards policy is a way to help you if you have low academic achievement and provide you with assistance to improve your performance. The academic standards policy includes academic warning, intervention, and suspension from Clark College. 

What is Penguin Alert for Student Success (PASS)?

Penguin Alert for Student Success, known as PASS, is a way for an instructor to communicate directly with you if you have any behaviors that are interfering with your success in a class.  The outreach to you will be during weeks 4 through 8 in the term. 

Still have questions about advising?

Email or call 1-360-992-2390 to schedule an appointment.

Immigration FAQs

Can I drop a class to save my GPA?

A. You MUST be a full time student to maintain your F-1 status. Always check with an international student advisor before you drop below full time.

Can I take a vacation break?

You must be full-time student for 3 consecutive terms before requesting a vacation term in the U.S. Vacation terms must be approved by an international student advisor.

Can I stop studying, go home, and come back to the U.S.?

Yes, you may request a leave of absence and return to your home country. Always check with an international student advisor before you drop classes or leave the U.S. to be sure you can return.

Can I take an online class?

At least 9 of your 12 credits must be face to face (not online) classes.

Can I work in the U.S.?

You can apply for on campus employment after you have been enrolled in college-level classes at Clark College for at least one term. You CANNOT work off campus without permission. Working without permission can result in a termination of your SEVIS (immigration) record and your F-1 status.

I have a quick question about my visa/immigration status. What should I do?

Most questions about immigration are not quick! Because each student’s background and situation is unique, always make an appointment with an international student advisor in International Programs if you have immigration questions. We are here to help you!

Still have questions about immigration?

Email or call 1-360-992-2390 to schedule an appointment.