Veterans Educational Benefits


Steps to use your veteran education benefits

Step 1- Admission to Clark College

  • You will need to be accepted to Clark before you can take classes and that involves submitting an online application.
  • If you have attended a class at Clark within the last 2 years, you do not need to apply.
  • Apply online at
  • Questions?  Call 360-992-2107.
  • The admissions deadline is 10 days prior to the beginning of each quarter.

Step 2- Contact the Veteran Benefits Specialist

  • After applying to Clark, you need to talk to a Veterans Benefit Specialist to learn about how to access your benefits and submit the required paperwork.
  • Call 360-992-2073 or
  • Email
  • Drop by the Veterans Resource Center, PUB 015.
  • Bring your or your sponsor’s DD214 form with you.
  • If possible, try to talk to the Veterans Benefit Specialist 6 weeks or more before you plan on starting classes. Classes start filling 6 weeks before their start date and you will need to have your paperwork submitted so you can register for classes. Then, you will be ready to start when classes start.
  • If you have your Certificate of Eligibility letter from the VA bring it with you when you go to talk to the Veterans Benefit Specialist.  Also bring your DD214.  This allows us to open your VA file with Clark.
  • When you talk to the Veterans Advisor, your information will be available to them.

Additional Information

Step 3- Apply to VA for Your Certificate of Eligibility

Types of Benefits

Step 4- See the Veterans Advisor and Career Advisor

See the Veterans Advisor

  • The Veterans Advisor is an advisor who works exclusively with veteran students.
  • This advisor is here to help you develop your plan for reaching your educational goals.
  • They help you with class selection, degree requirements, major declaration, registration procedures, college policies and more.
  • The Advisor will also help you select your placement assessments, which could affect your class schedule as well.

VCOE Contact Information:

Location- PUB 015
Open M-Th 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Fri- 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Phone- 360-992-2073

See the Career Advisor

  • The Career Advisor can help you choose a career path
  • If you of unsure what program you would like to enter, this advisor will ask answer questions that may help you decide what is best for you.
  • If you are unsure of your path, it would be best to see this advisor before making an appointment with the Veterans advisor.

Step 5- Take Placement Assessments

  • The Career Advisor can help you choose a career path
  • If you of unsure what program you would like to enter, this advisor will ask answer questions that may help you decide what is best for you.
  • If you are unsure of your path, it would be best to see this advisor before making an appointment with the Veterans advisor.

Step 6- Complete Orientations

  • Mandatory for new and transfer students- Purposes for New Student Orientation:  Provide information and resources to help you make good choices; Help you create timely academic and career plans; Create a welcoming environment that builds a sense of community among incoming students, faculty, staff, and other students;  and Provide a framework for success through share expectations, norms, and standards.
  • You will learn about Clark College, student success tips—including online learning tips, career planning, financial wellness (budgeting, healthcare finance, retirement, emergency reserves, short & long-term debt), and academic planning.  Well worth attending.
  • Register online:

Additional Resources

Step 7- Register for Classes

  • It is important that you register for classes on your degree plan that qualify for benefits
  • Have your degree plan handy as you identify the classes you will register for your first term
  • Do not repeat any classes- If you have already taken a  class at another institution or at Clark, it does not qualify for VA benefits.
  • To qualify for the maximum benefit, enroll full time (at least 12 credits at every point during the term).  If you register for less than fulltime, you may receive a reduced housing allowance for that term.
  • Register at
  • Check with the Veterans Resource Center to see if you qualify for Veterans Priority Registration
  • If you choose a schedule that is remote classes, you will only be eligible for the Chapter 33 benefits for an online student.  If you choose at least 1 class that meets on campus, you will receive full resident housing allowance.
  • For Chapter 33, if you take 6 or less credits per term, you may not be eligible to receive MHA.

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Step 8- Ensure You Get Your Benefits

  • To receive your benefits each term, fill out a Certification Request Form (CRF)
  • The CRF lets the college and the VA know that you are registered for a particular term and that they will need to provide you benefits


Step 9- Submit Your Proof of Attendance

  • Complete the Proof of Attendance form each term that you are attending Clark
  • Report any schedule changes that occur during the quarter to the Veterans Benefit Specialist
  • The VA will text you monthly to verify your enrollments.  You will need to text them back and confirm your enrollment each month.


Step 10- Submit Any Changes

  • The Veterans Advisor and you will review your academic degree worksheet showing remaining credits and courses for degree completion.
  • Program changes require a new signed program worksheet to ensure you continue to receive benefits.
  • The new degree worksheet must be submitted to the Veterans Center of Excellence because the VA requires us to have current degree worksheets for all students receiving benefits.


Step 11- Maintain Your Eligibility

  • To keep receiving veteran benefits, you need to make sure you maintain eligibility throughout the entire term
  • Enroll in 12 credits per term to ensure you receive the full housing allowance.  If you are below 12 credits, your housing allowance is prorated to match your enrollment
  • Attend all your classes.  If you stop attending class, your housing allowance is reduced and the VA will send you a bill for the amount they overpaid after your enrollment status decreased
  • Get good grades.  You need to maintain a 2.0 or higher to receive benefits.
  • Pass your classes.  You need to complete 2/3rds of the credits you attempt: if you start with 12 credits, you need to pass at least 8 credits.
  • Transfer in credits.  This includes your military transcripts and transcripts from other higher ed institutions you attended.

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