Dependents Educational Benefits

Chapter 35 Eligible Dependents

Step 1-  Create an account

Create an account or log into your account and apply to use your VA benefits. This will let the VA know you are going to school and generates a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to be mailed to you. When you receive your COE, we will need a copy for your VA file.

Step 2- Meet with a VA Specialist

Meet with a VA Specialist in the Veterans Center of Excellence, PUB 015

Step 3- Meet with an academic advisor

Meet with an academic advisor to complete a degree worksheet. This will help you know what classes to take for your degree and is a required document for your VA file. 

Step 4- Enroll in classes

Once you turn in a copy of your degree worksheet to you may enroll in classes

Step 5- Submit a Certificate Request Form

After enrolling in classes each term,  submit a Certification Request Form (CRF) so we know you are attending school and we can certify to the VA that you are in school. 

Step 6- Submit proof of attendance

During the first week of the term, submit a Proof of Attendance form.

Elegible dependents will need: