Veterans Center of Excellence Support for Disabilities

Why talk about disabilities at college?

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects people with disabilities by prohibiting discrimination against these individuals. This means the college must provide reasonable accommodations to students to help them be successful.

Disabilities is a broad term and includes test anxiety, PTSD, and many other conditions.

Talk to a Disability Services specialist for more information.

What are Accommodations?

Accommodations include making buildings and classrooms physically accessible with ramps and other equipment. It also includes providing special technological support, private testing rooms, or extra time on tests.

How do I request accommodations?

To receive accommodations, you need to request them and provide documentation from a medical professional that explains your condition or disability. Clark’s Disability Support Services is your point of contact for reasonable accommodations. When you meet with them, bring all your documents with you, explain what accommodations you need (needing to take tests alone, help taking notes during classes, etc.), and how these will help with your specific disability. A student who does not disclose their disability is assumed not to have a disability.

Clark College Disability Support Services (DSS)

The Clark College Disability Support Services (DSS) office is committed to assuring that its services, programs, and activities are accessible to individuals with disabilities. DSS will provide accommodations and serve as a resource to make Clark College both an accessible and hospitable place for students with disabilities or conditions.

Disability Support Services