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University Transfer

Clark College offers a selection of transfer courses which satisfy the lower-division (usually the first and second year) requirements for four-year institutions in Washington and Oregon. We have Academic Advisors who work specifically with International Students to help you transfer with greater ease.

After completing an associate in arts or science degree, most of our international students either transfer directly to a four-year university or work for one year through the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program before transferring to a four-year university to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Conditional Guaranteed Admission to Universities

Clark College international students have been admitted to top-rated universities all over the United States. Students gain the qualifications needed for admission at Clark College and transfer to top universities to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Admission is not guaranteed, but our students have been very successful in gaining admission to top universities.

Applicants can request a letter of conditional guaranteed admission from any of the following universities:


Minimum GPA
University of Washington–Bothell no minimum
University of Washington–Tacoma 2.75
Washington State University Vancouver 2.5
Eastern Washington University 2.0
University of Oregon 2.5
Portland State University 2.25
Northern Arizona University 2.5

How it Works

Choose the university from the list above for which you would like conditional guaranteed admission. Indicate the university on your Clark College application. Choose one university only. Make sure the university you choose has your major.

You will receive the university conditional admission letter or statement at the same time you receive the Clark College admission letter.

Contact us directly for more information about Co-admission and Conditional Admission agreements with four-year universities.