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The Activities Programming Board (APB) is charged with the creation of a comprehensive events calendar to include cultural, educational, family, and social events for Clark students. With 30+ events each year, including the annual Spring Thing event - you're sure to find something to help you relax, enhance your learning experience, and connect at Clark.

If you need accommodation due to a disability in order to fully participate in these events contact Clark College's Disability Support Services Office at (360) 992-2314 or (360) 991-0901 VP, or visit Penguin Union Building room 013, ASAP

Activities Programming Board (APB) Team

Application & Job Descriptions

Meizhi Teoh

Awareness Events Coordinator -  Meizhi Teoh

360-992-2353 x3335

Hello! My name is Meizhi Teoh and I am the Awareness Events Coordinator for the 2017-2018 school year. I am recently getting a transfer degree in Business Administration and I plan to transfer to university next year. I like to read, draw, and spend time with my friends during my free time. As your Awareness Events Coordinator, I will be bringing various events that spread useful information and make the community better. If you have any ideas or question, you are more than welcome to stop by student life and ask me about it! 

Diem Nguyen

Cultural Events Coordinator - Diem Nguyen

360-992-2353 x3334

Hello Clark Students! My name is Diem Nguyen, and I am the Cultural Events Coordinator for the Clark College Activities Programming Board for the 2017-2018 school year. I am working on my AA Business Administration Degree, and I decided to take my Bachelor Degree at Clark College also. My passion is learning through different cultures. As a Cultural Events Coordinator this year, I promise that I will bring interesting cultural events that will give you opportunities to travel around the world and experience the diversity of international cultures. The slogan of the APB Team is “We Run the Fun,” so we hope all Clark students enjoy the activities. It is my pleasure to serve for students, so feel free to contact me for information of upcoming events. 

Angela Dechand

Educational Events Coordinator - Angela Dechand

360-992-2353 x3333

Hi! My name is Angela Dechand and I am the APB Educational Events Coordinator here at Clark. This is my second year at Clark College as a running start student. I am currently a senior in high school at Columbia River. I am pursing my AA general transfer degree and planning to transfer to a four-year University next fall to study Neuroscience. As the APB Educational Events Coordinator I hope to bring fun and food to campus. I love all things active and am always willing to try something new!


Gloria Boieriu

Family Events Coordinator - Gloria Boieriu

360-992-2353 x3331

Hello my fellow Clark students! My name is Gloria Boieriu and I am your APB Family Events Coordinator this 2017-2018 year. I graduated from Clark College as a running start student with my general AA last spring and am now working toward my Pre-Nursing AA this year. I enjoyed going to all the free events so much that now I have the opportunity to plan them for you. As your Family Events Coordinator, I will be organizing events that will not only incorporate students, but your family and friends as well, so please feel free to share your ideas and input with me and I will do my best to plan the most fun, well-rounded events for everyone. Let the fun begin! 

Amber Evans

Social Events Coordinator - Amber Evans

360-992-2353 x3332

Hello Clark students! My name is Amber Evans and I am your Social Events Coordinator for the Activities Programing Board here at Clark College for the 2017-2018 school year. This is my second year attending Clark, and I plan to pursue an AA General Transfer Degree to lead me to my next path at Washington State University Vancouver, where I will likely obtain my Bachelors in Marketing. As your APB Social Events Coordinator, I promise to bring entertaining and exciting events to our beautiful campus, and I welcome all students’ ideas and input in order to make this academic year the best it can be for you and your peers. Please feel free to contact me for any suggestions or questions!

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Samantha Lelo, Student Life Program Support Supervisor - / (360) 992-2806.