804.000 Application Development Oversight and Planning Committee (ADOPC)

The Application Development Oversight and Planning Committee (ADOPC) is charged with prioritizing and overseeing computer applications deployed for use for all the stakeholder groups of the College. Applications can be defined as any computer based program, application, or interface that allows end users to either input data that is stored centrally or requests individual level data used in business processes at the College. These include both purchased products and applications developed at Clark College which require maintenance or access to campus data. ADOPC will prioritize and plan application development according to the College strategic plan guaranteeing that from their inception applications are secure and fully accessible to all members of our community.

  1. CIO or senior information technology officer (standing member)
  2. Senior campus application developer (standing member)
  3. Representative of Application Development staff appointed by senior campus application developer (one-year appointment)
  4. Associate vice president for planning and effectiveness (standing member)
  5. Representative of Institutional Research appointed by senior planning and effectiveness officer (one-year appointment)
  6. Webmaster (standing member)
  7. Senior campus IT security officer (standing member)
  8. Representative from Instruction appointed by vice president of instruction (one-year appointment)
  9. Assistive technology and IT accessibility specialist (standing member)
  10. Representative from Student Affairs appointed by vice president of student affairs (one-year appointment)
  11. Project director – ctcLink

The CIO or designee will serve as the committee chair. Members may serve succeeding terms. Subject matter experts may be invited to participate as requested by the committee.

New Policy/Procedure Approved by Executive Cabinet
March 24, 2015