Arrival, Housing, and Transportation


Arrange Your Travel to Vancouver, Washington

Clark College is located in Vancouver, Washington, which is about 15 minutes from Portland, Oregon, and 3 hours from Seattle (by car).

You are strongly advised to arrive at the Portland International Airport (PDX). You must make your own arrangements for airport pick-up. If you are staying in a homestay, a host family can pick you up if you make arrangements in advance.


Please see website(s) for current fare information.

Blue Star Airport Shuttle

Telephone: +1 (360) 573-9412


White Van Airport Shuttle

Telephone: +1 (503) 774-9755 or toll free
+1 (877) 774-9750


Economy Shuttle

Telephone: +1 (503) 888-2928


Please see website(s) for current fare information.

Broadway Cab

Telephone: +1 (503) 333-3333

Radio Cab

Telephone: +1 (360) 694-1234

Yellow Taxi Cab Company

Telephone: +1 (503) 272-8765



Uber -

Lyft -


International Student Housing

The International Programs office offers assistance to international students when arranging for housing. All students are encouraged to live with a host family when they first arrive unless they already have friends or family in the area.

NOTE: Clark College does not have dormitories or on-campus housing.

ANDEO Homestays (Host Families)

A homestay is a unique opportunity to practice English, learn about U.S. culture and family life, and share your culture. All ANDEO homestays include:

Cost Per Term: $2,495

Placement Fee: $300 (non-refundable)

To apply for a homestay, please contact ANDEO after you have been accepted to Clark College and at least 45 days prior to your arrival. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in a homestay program.

For more information about ANDEO homestays, email or call +1 (503) 274-1776

House Sharing (Rooms for Rent)

Some people in the Vancouver community are interested in renting a room in their home to an international student. If you are interested in house sharing:

Apartments for Rent

There are many apartment buildings near campus and in the Vancouver community on the local bus line. Because of the difficulties in signing a rental agreement before ariving in the U.S., we recommend renting an apartment after arrival. Here are some ways to find an apartment:

Rental costs range from $400 per month to $800 depending on location, number of bedrooms and amenities. In addition to the monthly rental fee, you must also consider other costs, which may include:



C-Tran (Clark Country Transportation) operates public bus service in the Vancouver, Washington, area and connects with Portland, Oregon, busses. Schedules and route maps are available online at C-Tran

C-Tran offers a limited number of BackPASS bus passes to all Clark College students who are registered in the current term and have a valid Clark College student ID card.

To get a BackPass

NOTE: Student ID cards are not required by the college, but provide free or discounted admission to college events and discounts at some local businesses, including the Marshall Center swimming pool.


Driving a Car in the U.S.

If you live in Washington or Oregon state, and want to drive a car, you must have a Washington or Oregon state driver's license. If you purchase a car, auto insurance is required. Below are resources to help you:

WA State Department of Motor Vehicles:

Driver's training schools and testing locations:

Mandatory auto insurance: