Applying to the Nursing Program

Clark College appreciates your interest in the Nursing program. Please be aware that as a nursing student, you are your own first advisor. It is your responsibility to read and understand all information regarding the Nursing program. You must comply with the application process, submit all necessary documents in a timely manner, and meet the entrance requirements to be eligible for selection into the program.

Who Should Apply

Caring, compassionate persons who demonstrate reliability, responsibility and respect for others possess traits that are essential for a nurse. It is beneficial to possess a strong aptitude for sciences, good problem solving skills and determination, as the Nursing program is a demanding and time consuming course of study.

Application Process

To apply for the program, students must complete the following forms:

The completed forms must be submitted to Clark College Enrollment Services by the posted deadline with the $50.00 non-refundable program application fee (all fees subject to change).

If students have healthcare experience or community service experience for which they would like to receive point consideration, all completed forms must be submitted with all appropriate documentation by the posted deadline.

Submit official college transcripts from ALL colleges attended and send updated official transcripts each term. Selective Admissions cannot ensure inclusion in the selection process unless all official transcripts are on file by the posted deadline.

Application Deadlines

All applications and related materials must be postmarked by:

How Long Applications Remain Open

Once students have applied to the Nursing program and paid the program application fee, their Nursing file will be reviewed for the next upcoming selection. If students have met all preliminary requirements, they will be considered in their first Nursing selection cycle.

When students are not accepted into the program after their first selection, they are considered in two additional selection cycles, before their Nursing file is closed and they are no longer considered in future selections. When students are not accepted after being considered in selection a total of three times, they will need to reapply to the program and repay the application fee.

Important Notes

Students must wait to apply until they have completed the nursing general education requirements.

All students with a complete application will be notified of their admission status by specific dates following the admission deadlines (see main page under Selection Notification).   Accepted students typically have a six to seven month gap from the time that they are accepted to the time that they begin in the nursing core.

The Associate Degree Nursing Program is a two-year clinical program with general education requirements which must be completed before program entry. Completion of the general education requirements does not guarantee entrance into the nursing program core. The Nursing program has limited enrollment and Clark College reserves the right to determine admissions status.

Please be aware that applicants who have failed or been dismissed from a limited entry program will not receive admission into the Clark College Nursing program.

There is a 7-year limit on all science courses (with the exception of BIOL& 160) at the time of program entry.

In the case of an incomplete grade or grade change, it is the student's responsibility to update their records.

Please note that students must be eighteen years old to enter the nursing core (courses with an NURS prefix).