Transfer Equivalency Guides

If you have ever wondered how a course transfers to a university and how it will be applied to your degree, you may benefit from equivalency guides. Equivalency guides are the best way to see how courses transfer to a specific university and what requirements those courses meet. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with these transfer guides so that you can plan accordingly for the university and major you wish to transfer to.

While not all universities have transfer guides available, here are online guides from schools that Clark College students frequently transfer to that will assist you.

Transfer guides are maintained by the universities, and Clark College cannot guarantee the accuracy of these guides. As always, please check with your intended transfer school for the most up-to-date information. 

Washington Schools

Central Washington University
Select "Click here to view our equivalencies", then choose Clark College for the most up-to-date listing.

Eastern Washington University
Search by Vancouver, WA. Select Clark College and click Get School Information. Browse courses by department or search for a specific course.

University of Puget Sound
Select Clark College from the list of schools and then browse by department. Clark courses are listed on the far left and the Puget Sound equivalent is in the next column.

University of Washington
Select Clark College from the list of schools and then browse by department. Clark courses are listed on the far left and the University of Washington equivalent in the next column.

Washington State University and WSU-Vancouver
Look up course numbers for WSU using their equivalency guide to see what general education requirements the courses meet.

Western Washington University
Select Clark College from the drop-down menu and then Course Equivalencies.  Search by all courses in an academic department or by a single course.

Oregon Schools

George Fox University
Select Clark College to find Clark equivalents to George Fox's general education requirements.

Multnomah University
Click on the Get Started button under Community College Transfer Database and search for Clark College. Then search by Course Name using the course title to see how specific Clark College courses transfer to Multnomah University.

Oregon State University
Click on Begin Session, and then narrow your search to Washington, Vancouver, and finally Clark College.  Search by department then narrow your search to a specific course.

Portland State University
Review these Transfer Guides by Major to help you plan the Clark College courses you should take to prepare for your intended major. Click on the hyperlink for the School of Business equivalency guide.

University of Oregon
Look up an individual course or courses from an entire department using the "Individual Course Lookup" Tab.  Choose WA as the state and Clark College for the institution.

Western Oregon University
Choose Clark College from the drop-down menu then select a subject area.  Hit Submit to get a listing of all courses from the department or choose Select Course for a specific class.