Program Outcomes and Success Measures

End of Program Student Learning Outcomes

To provide safe, competent and patient-centered care, our graduates will exhibit:

Clinical Judgement

Synthesize theoretical and practical knowledge to generate effective clinical decisions.


Patient-Centered Care

Consistently plan and generate evidence-based care reflective of individual patient preference, needs and values.


Teamwork and Inter-Professional Collaboration

Coordinate and execute an inclusive, collaborative process to achieve patient-centered care planning and delivery.



Adheres to professional standards of practice and accepts personal accountability.


Patient Safety

Execute and promote patient safety through adherence to best-practice healthcare policies and procedures.



NCLEX Pass Rates

Year National Average Clark College
2021 78.8% 91.8%
2022 77.9% 84.5%
2023 87.75% 94.52%

 (Source: WA DOH & NCSBN)

 Expected Level of Achievement: NCLEX-RN pass rates will be at or above the national rate

Program Completion Rate

Percent of students completing within 150% of program length

Year % of Students
2020 87%
2021 88%
2022 71%

Expected Level of Achievement: Program Completion Rate will be at or above 85%

Graduate Employment Rate

85% of graduates will be employed in a nursing position within one year of graduation.

Year % Employed
2016-2017 85%
2017-2018 85%
2018-2019 82%

Expected Level of Achievement: 85% of graduates will be employed in a nursing position within one year of graduation.  Based on the Washington State Employment Database.