High School Instructor Information

Are you interested in building pathways to college for your students? Do you want to network with colleagues in your discipline? If the answer to these question is yes, we encourage you to apply to be a Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Instructor for Clark College in the High School. As part of this program, we will provide ongoing professional development in your field and a Faculty Liaison to provide mentorship for your courses.  


We are excited to partner with school districts and provide dual credit opportunities to high school students!  High School Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Instructors are key to a successful College in the High School Program. It is integral for the experience of the students and compliance of our program to ensure the high school class and college course are aligned in student learning outcomes and assessment of outcomes. We are excited to partner with school districts and provide dual credit opportunities to high school students!  High School Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Instructors are key to a successful College in the High School Program. It is integral for the experience of the students and compliance of our program to ensure the high school class and college course are aligned in student learning outcomes and assessment of outcomes. 

CE Instructors must have the same credentials and qualifications as Clark College faculty and must go through the application process to be approved. Selected CE Instructors will receive training and ongoing professional development through support from a Faculty Liaison.  
CE Instructors will: 

    • Complete New CE Instructor Orientation. 
    • Complete Course-Specific Training. 
    • Participate in annual Discipline-Specific Professional Development. 
    • Comply with National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnership standards. 
    • Participate in annual site visit from Faculty Liaison 
    • Respond to communications from Faculty Liaison and Dual Credit Programs staff in a timely manner. 
    • Review class lists at the start of the course and communicate any changes to Dual Credit Programs staff.  
    • Submit final grades in college system (ctcLink) by the deadline.  
    • Ensure compliance with FERPA.   
    • Comply with the Evaluation Policy for student and peer evaluations.  
    • Distribute registration information to students. 

Evaluation Policy 

Concurrent Enrollment Instructors teaching as part of Clark College in the High School will be evaluated using the following indices:

    • Student evaluations - 1 course per quarter/semester
    • Peer evaluation - 1 course per year, including classroom observation/site visit

 Site Visit   

The purpose of the site visit is to support the CE Instructor, ensure consistency and equivalency between the College in the High School course and those taught by Clark Faculty. Site visits will be scheduled well in advance during a time selected by the CE Instructor. Essentially the Faculty Liaison will be seeking information to answer the following questions:

    • Were the students engaged in the class session and content? 
    • Were the students demonstrating their knowledge of the content?
    • Was the content covered equal to college classroom rigor?
    • Was the class session well-organized?

 Required Qualifications 

A requirement for the College in the High School program is that approved High School Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Instructors must meet the same minimum qualifications as Clark College faculty teaching matriculated students. Please review the list below carefully because Clark College will not be able to approve instructors who do not meet minimum qualifications.

Minimum Qualifications for College in the High School Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Instructors:

    • Art - Master's degree in Art or related field.
    • American Sign Language - Master's degree in American Sign Language or related field.
    • Biology - Master's degree in Biology or related field.
    • Business – MBA OR Master’s in Management OR Master’s in discipline such as Education AND a minimum of 5 years managing a business.
    • Chemistry - Master's degree in Chemistry or related field.
    • Communications Studies - Master's degree in Communication Studies or related field
    • English - Master's degree in English or related field.
    • Environmental Science - Master's degree in Environmental Science or ecology field, or a master's degree in a related field with 15 graduate semester credits in environmental/geoscience topics (to be approved by the department)
    • Japanese - Master’s degree in Japanese or related field.
    • Math - Master’s degree in Math or related field.
    • History - Master's degree in History or related field.
    • Philosophy - Master's degree in Philosophy or related field.
    • Political Science - Master’s degree in Political Science or related field.
    • Psychology - Master's degree in Psychology or related field.
    • Sociology - Master's degree in Sociology or related field
    • Spanish - Master’s degree in Spanish or related field.


 Application Process and Timeline 

Clark College in the High School Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Instructor Application Process
Please submit all of the following materials by April 1:

    1. Clark College Employment Application PDF
    2. Current résumé
    3. Statement of support from principal (this should mention the support to attend the annual discipline-specific training and hiring a substitute teacher for that day.)
    4. Transcripts of undergraduate and graduate coursework (copies from your district office are acceptable)
      Completed materials must be sent by April 1 to Heidi Summers by e-mail hsummers@clark.edu or mail:
      Heidi Summers
      Clark College
      1933 Fort Vancouver Way
      Vancouver, WA 98663

Please make sure to review minimum CE Instructor qualifications.

If approved to be a CE Instructor, a Clark College background check or verification of your school district background check will be required. Also, a Request Form to access our student and course management system must be completed; this form will require your SSN and birthdate.

Concurrent Enrollment Instructor Application Timeline

December 1: Clark College in the High School Concurrent Enrollment Instructor Applications are open and available online for new concurrent enrollment instructors.

April 1: Application deadline for new concurrent instructor approval for the next academic year

April 1-15: Initial review of applications by Dual Credit Programs staff to determine complete applications and forward to Faculty Liaisons.

April 16-May 15: Applications are reviewed by Faculty Liaisons and Deans. Site/classroom visits are conducted, if necessary.

June 1: Notification of approval or denial to new concurrent enrollment instructor applicants

Orientation, Training, and Professional Development 

New CE Instructor Orientation

All new CE Instructors are required to complete New CE Instructor Orientation before they begin teaching a College in the High School course. This orientation is conducted through Clark College’s online Learning Management System called Canvas. The invitation for the orientation is sent to all newly approved CE Instructors on June 15 and it must be completed by September 1. This orientation will take about 2.5 hours to complete. Quizzes will be used to assess learning as well as document that a CE Instructor has read and understands policies and expectations. With the tracking features of Canvas, we can see the time each instructor spent in the course and the date of completion of the orientation course. The seven modules of the New CE Instructor Orientation are listed below:

    • Welcome to the Penguin Nation!
    • Introduction to College in the High School
    • College in the High School processes for students
    • Benefits of being a CE Instructor
    • Requirements and responsibilities
    • Non-compliance procedures
    • Using ctcLink

Course-Specific Training

New CE Instructors are responsible for contacting their Faculty Liaison, after they receive their approval letter, to schedule their one-on-one course-specific training. Faculty Liaisons are encouraged to hold the training on campus and introduce the new CE Instructor to other faculty members in the department. Faculty Liaisons will provide the following information during the course-specific training:

    • Cover all content on the course-specific training checklist.
      • Curriculum and Instruction
      • Updates and changes
      • Course outlines and college requirements
    • Share ideas on teaching methods, activities, and projects
      • Assessment
      • Grading rubrics
      • Sample tests and quizzes to compare equivalencies
      • Course final exam, essay or project

Check Lists:

    • Course Specific Training Checklist (PDF)
    • Syllabus Checklist (PDF)
    • Syllabus Template (PDF)

Discipline-Specific Professional Development

All Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Instructors are required to participate in annual professional development. The costs for the required professional development is covered by Clark College (except costs for substitute teachers.). The purpose of the professional development is to provide ongoing collegial interaction to further enhance CE Instructors’ pedagogy and breadth of knowledge in the discipline. Attendance in professional development is documented and records are retained by the Dual Credit Programs Office.