Quality Matters Testimonials by Clark College Faculty

“My ‘relationship’ with Quality Matters has grown over time!  When I took the QM Rubric workshop, I immediately began to redesign each of my online classes so that there was a clear and consistent logic to the organization and progression through the materials. When I considered developing online versions of two other classes I teach, I ended up taking both of them through an internal QM review and one through a national review.  These reviews got me examining my online classes in a manner I had not imagined – from both micro and macro perspectives.  I looked much more closely at my learning objectives and grading rubrics and how well they coordinated with the assignments.  I found out what I was doing that met these national standards, which was very reassuring. I also got extensive feedback on the many issues of accessibility for all students.   From these reviews, I got 50-60 pages of rich feedback and suggestions on these classes which I am still working on digesting and implementing in all my online classes.  I feel very lucky to have had the support to get these reviews.  In turn, I’ve received lots of unsolicited feedback from students on the quality and clarity of the online classes I teach since I began to apply Quality Matters to my methods!” (Kathy Bobula, PSYC& 100, QM-Recognized 2013)


“Since applying the QM rubric, my students know what is expected of them and my classes run more smoothly. The QM rubric is an organized way to approach course design that puts the students and their learning outcomes first. I have become a better instructor because of QM's central focus of aligning outcomes with learning activities and assessments. Our instructional designers at Clark really know how to reach students and have been phenomenal mentors to me and my colleagues.” (Ericha Clare, ND, Mac, HEOC 100/101, BMED 110, BMED 111, QM-Recognized 2011)


“The benefit of deliberate course design is creating a course that allows students to focus on learning, rather than getting stuck on the course architecture. The QM review process has given me the opportunity to purposefully create an effective, learning opportunity for my students.” (Amy C. Dolan PhD, BIOL 180, QM-Recognized 2013)


“The QM Review process is like any good peer review. You take a standard, you craft in view of that standard, and you have smart, critical, but also sympathetic peers evaluate how you did and offer suggestions for improvement. Then you revise in light of that feedback. As a result of going through the QM Review process, I teach knowing that my instruction is delivered through effective design--which makes the class better for both me and my students.” (William S. Durden, ENGL 102, QM-Recognized 2013)


"The QM rubric guided me through the process of connecting my course goals to each unit and activity in my course. I paid much closer attention to the accessibility of all aspects of my course. I appreciated the opportunity to take part in a national Quality Matters review to gain the insight of colleagues across the country. Their suggestions helped me adjust components of my class as well as reaffirm effective instructional strategies." (Rebecca Martin, ENVS 109, QM-recognized, 2013)


“Learning how to apply the QM rubric helped me think about my course from a student's perspective. I improved the design of my course and linked the course activities and assessments more closely with the learning objectives. QM helped me make my course more consistent and approachable.” (Alexis Nelson, English Composition Faculty, APPQMR completion)


“With its focus on outcomes alignment, I found that the QM rubric asked me to make explicit for my students what before-hand was only clear in my own mind. It forced me to map out the logic of the course in a way that helped me to look at the entire experience with fresh eyes. In other words, I had the chance to see my class from a student’s perspective. That was a subtle, but radical, shift in thinking that has affected my approach as an instructor in every medium of delivery.” (Tobias Peterson, ENGL& 102, QM-Recognized 2013)


"Quality Matters informs best teaching practices and promotes transparency, which are both essential to education, especially in online education where learners and instructors can feel isolated. I thought my courses were fairly well designed before, but after Kathy's QM workshops and some fine tuning, I know they are." (Tiffany Timperman, English Composition Faculty)