How to be a Successful eStudent

Online classes offer a flexible alternative to the traditional on-campus setting, and are just as rigorous and require the same time commitment--if not more. Clark College uses Canvas as a learning management tool for course delivery and communication with your professor and peers. Being familiar with the Canvas interface will set you up for success. We highly recommend that you carefully consider both your technical and learning skills described below before registering for an online class. In addition, consider that access to both high-speed Internet and a desktop or laptop computer, not just a mobile device, will be required.

Are You Ready for Online Learning?

Study the following information about what it takes to be a successful eLearning student, and take this short assessment quiz. Find your score, and then read these recommendations based on your score

Technical Skills

Online learning includes basic computer and technological skills that you may already have. Brushing up now to identify areas that you need improvement in will help make your online experience smoother. Necessary skills can include:

Learning and Digital Information Literacy Skills

Online classes require a different style of learning than traditional on-campus classes. For some, this style of learning can be a struggle and for others it can meld with their personal learning style perfectly. It's a good idea to know your learning skills before starting an online class. Skills that make a successful online student include:

What Makes a Successful Online Student?

For more information regarding what a successful online student looks like, check out this great article from the Illinois Online Network.

Online Access

An updated, later-model computer system running Windows or Mac OSX with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser and access to Internet will be required.

Mobile devices can be used for some aspects of online learning, but a full-sized computer will be necessary for many tasks. If you don't own a computer, identify resources you can utilize throughout the course. During normal college operations, you can use the college’s on-campus student labs. Clark College also provides loaner laptops on a request basis that can be checked out through the Cannell Library. Contact the TechHub for more information.

Visit our Technical Requirements page to learn more.