Student FAQs

Below you'll find a list of Frequently Asked Questions about online learning.

What is the difference between Online, Hybrid, Weekend Hybrid, and Web Enhanced classes?

Online, Hybrid, and Weekend Hybrid are different course delivery modalities. Web Enhanced classes are traditional on-campus classes (no seat time is replace with online learning) that are enhanced by any required web-based tool (Canvas or otherwise). To see a detailed description of each modality, see What is eLearning

How do I find out what Online and Hybrid classes are offered this term?

You can filter the course schedule to see only online and hybrid classes. Select Schedule Options and check the Online and Hybrid Classes checkbox.

Filter the online schedule by selecting "Schedule Options" and clicking on the eLearning checkbox.

How do Weekend Hybrid classes work?

The classes are taught in a hybrid format. The majority of class will be spent in an online learning environment, however, designated meetings in a traditional classroom setting are scheduled either Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon at least once a month/three times per quarter. These meetings are mandatory and missing them can adversely affect your grade.

Do I need a computer to take Online or Hybrid classes?

While owning a computer is not a requirement, to be most successful in these classes it is highly recommended you have the following: 

When do online classes start? 

Online classes follow the same academic calendar as all other Clark College classes. Most of these classes begin the first day of the term unless otherwise noted in the schedule

Are online classes self-paced?

No. Online classes follow a specific progression throughout the term. You cannot complete the classes at your own pace. 

Can I receive Financial Aid for online classes?

Please contact the Financial Aid office to determine your eligibility and to apply for financial aid. Ask about grants, scholarships, loans, and student employment opportunities. 

I am new to online learning. How do I get started?

See Getting Started for a breakdown of steps to get a successful start in your eLearning classes.

Who do I contact for questions/advising/support for online classes?

See Getting Help for advice on who to contact for support.

How to I contact my online instructor?

Typically your instructor will list their preferred method of communication in their syllabus. Prior to the term, you can find their contact information when you click their name in the online class schedule. If you are having difficulty contacting your instructor, you can contact the academic department.

 How do I file a complaint?

Any student with a complaint who feels they have been treated unfairly will have the right to be heard fairly and promptly. The college recognizes that disputes may sometimes arise and requires the parties involved to resolve the conflict informally whenever possible. If resolution cannot be reached, a formal complaint process will be provided in order to assure impartial and equitable resolution for those conflicts. See the Student Complaint Process page to read more about your next steps.

I am struggling academically and/or personally and I don't know who to contact.

The Peer Mentors help students connect to Clark College and community resources, navigate the college community, and meet academic goals. Peer mentors enjoy working with people, have a wide range of experiences at Clark College and a willingness to share those experiences with current students, prospective students and their families.