Family Life/Parent Education

The Family Life department offers courses that foster the development of knowledge and skills for strong and healthy families through education and parent involvement. The department operates under the assumption that parents are the first and most important teachers to their children and that all families benefit from education and support. The department strives to provide study and lab experiences that satisfy the college's mission by providing multiple options of involvement that makes parent education accessible for diverse family needs and schedules. The program offers traditional parent preschool and cooperative classes as well as courses designed for families who have children in child care.

Parent Education for Child Care Parents

All families who enroll children in the Child and Family Studies Program also become students by enrolling in a one credit family life class each quarter. We know that families benefit from opportunities to gain resources and support around this most important role of parenting. We also know that children benefit, long term, from their families being involved in their education. Participation in the required family life class offers an opportunity for both education and involvement within a supportive learning community.

We also recognize the many varied schedules, demands and stresses on families. With this in mind, we offer many options to fulfill the one credit requirement. For more information contact the Family Life Department.