Child Care

Our Mission

To offer high quality, flexible, and inclusive instruction in child and family studies for individuals pursuing paths in human services, education, and parenting at Clark College.

Our Vision

To provide every child, family, student and staff member with the opportunity to play, explore, experiment, extend thinking and risk. We advocate and support the unique worth and contribution of every individual and the development of a healthy and diverse supportive community of learners. 

Our Values

We define our practices based on the uniqueness, needs and potential of the children, families, educators and the community we serve with interactions of compassion and professionalism.

We are explorers of theory. We are passionate about teaching. We are advocates of children and lovers of play. We are co-learners and mentors. We believe in honoring difference and finding common ground. We teach and learn with intentions. We are artists, creators naturalists, dreamers and inventors. We create spaces that welcome, invite learning, and create a sense of belonging. We reflect our community. We are researchers, documenters, story-tellers, and risk takers.

Child and Family Studies Staff and Faculty