Financial Aid FAQ

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When will my financial aid be available for fall term?

Starting September 18, the Financial Aid Office will begin the process of disbursing funds to students who have applied for and have been approved for financial aid-including scholarships, loans, and grants. Note: if you have been approved for federal financial aid (i.e. Pell Grant, Loans, Federal Work-study), you are eligible for the CARES Fund (see #18 FAQ for more information).

What types of financial aid are available through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?

Eligibility for federal grants, state aid and loans are determined by a completed FAFSA.

What is the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA)?

If completing a FAFSA, a WASFA does not need to be completed. Eligibility for state aid is determined by a completed WASFA.

For more information, follow the link below:

How do I view my financial aid information?

Beginning summer term, all financial aid updates and information are viewable in the ctcLink Student Homepage. By clicking the “Tasks” tile a checklist may appear if further actions are required. In the Financial Aid Tile, you will be able to view your offered awards once you are packaged.

Link to Student Homepage:

Note: For 2019-2020 financial aid students, you must use the Financial Aid Portal.

How will I receive my financial aid disbursements?

Once you have a financial aid award letter and have accepted those awards, active financial aid funds will be applied towards tuition and fee balances first. Any remaining financial aid will be disbursed through BankMobile to your selected refund preference.

What is BankMobile?

Clark College works with BankMobile to disburse funds to students.

For more information, follow the link below:

Enrolled for the next quarter and waiting to see what your financial aid will be?

New this year: If you are enrolled in less than 12 credits for the next quarter when your financial aid is awarded, then you can expect the award will be adjusted down to your enrollment level. If your enrollment level changes please notify our office.

Can I receive financial aid when I am part time?

Grant and tuition waiver awards are based on your eligibility at your enrollment level when you are offered your awards.

12 or more units = Full time = 100% full time grant
9-11 Units = 3/4 Time = 75% of full time grant
6-8 Units = 1/2 Time = 50% of full time grant
1-5 Units = Less than 1/2 time = 25% of full time grant

In order to be loan or Work Study eligible students must be enrolled in 6 or more eligible credits.

How do I accept and receive my loans?

Through your Student Homepage, in the Financial Aid tile, you can “accept” or “decline” the offered amounts using the drop down menu. You have the option to “reduce” the loan amounts. Once this process is completed, your loans will be scheduled for disbursement.

For more information on loans, follow the link below:

How do I accept and receive my Work Study?

Through your Student Homepage, in the Financial Aid tile, you can “accept” or “decline” the offered amounts using the drop down menu. Once this you have accepted your Work Study award you must complete additional steps to secure a job and work to earn the award.

For more information on steps to complete for Work Study, follow the link below:

What if I have received a scholarship and it is not posted yet? Where can I check to see when it will be applied? Do I submit payment, less the scholarship I received, if it is not posted yet?

If you have received a scholarship that has not been posted, it is possible that the scholarship office has not received the funds. You can contact the scholarship office at (360)- 992-2582 to inquire about the status of your scholarship.

To view posted scholarships, log into ctcLink, click student homepage>financial aid>select aid year 2021>find corresponding term, find scholarship name and amount.
Funds are applied every Monday.

Students are advised to contact the Scholarship Office, if they wish to pay before the expected scholarship is applied, before making any payments.

Clark College Foundation scholarship for winter and spring terms is open now.
Deadline for application is October 26, 2020.

How do I submit a requested document to the Financial Aid Office?

There are multiple options for submitting documents to our office.

  • Upload: You have the ability to upload documents electronically through ctcLink.
  • Email: You can email documents to
    Please be aware that email is not a secure method of transmitting documentation with sensitive information (i.e. SSN)
  • Dropbox: You can submit documents in the General Dropbox located outside the Bookstore in Gaiser Hall. Please be sure to include your name and ctcLink ID number. Please specify that the documents are for the Financial Aid Department.
  • Mail: Address – Financial Aid GHL 101 1933 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver, WA 98663
  • Fax: 360-992-2864

How long does the financial aid process takes after I have submitted all my required documentation?

It depends on the volume, but typically, it may take up to 4 weeks for your file to be processed after you have submitted all your required documentation. Please be aware that the process is taking longer than usual, as the Financial Aid Office transitions to a new software system.

How do I contact the Financial Aid Office?

By email:

Drop-In Zoom Room:
Mondays through Thursdays; 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Zoom Room link:
Meeting ID: 401 0737 155

How long does it take to get a response to my email from the office?

During this time, due to the high volume of inquiries, and converting to a new system, the response time may take up to 3-4 weeks. The email you sent is in the queue to be answered.

What if my income has changed since I completed FAFSA?

If a change in income or household has occurred after completing the FAFSA/WASFA, our office can re-evaluate your file based on these changes. You can submit a Change of Circumstance Request by contacting our office. However, you must have received an award letter before this process can be started.

I have not received an award notification, yet, should I still sign up for classes?

Yes. If you have submitted all the required documentation and waiting to be awarded, you can request for your tuition payment to be on hold until your financial aid is processed.

When is the scholarship open enrollment for winter and spring terms?

Open enrollment for winter and spring terms is now and the deadline is October 26, 2020. Check out this webpage for more information and to apply:

If my financial aid money is not ready and I need money for books and supplies, what other resources are available to help me?

Apply for the CARES fund (see information below).

Who is eligible for the CARES fund?

  • Currently enrolled students
  • Must have completed the FAFSA (2019-2020 or 2020-2021) or eligible to complete the FAFSA
    • If you are eligible to do so, you may complete the FAFSA at
    • To see if you qualify to complete the FAFSA, go to
  • Must not be in loan default or Pell overpayment status
  • Returning students must be in good/warning status for Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Application is available here:
  • Students can receive up to $2000 for emergency expenses during summer term

How do I prevent my classes from being dropped for non-payment while I am waiting for my financial aid to be processed?

If you have completed a financial aid application (FAFSA/WASFA) , submitted all the required documentation and are in good standing, your tuition payment will be placed on hold.

Being on a tuition payment hold means you are still responsible for paying the balance you owe the college if after you have been awarded and you still have a balance remaining and/or you do not qualify for any type of financial aid.

If you are on a financial aid hold, you should see your hold in the "tasks" section in self-service with the information regarding this hold. This allows you to attend your courses and not have to worry about tuition notices or drop for non-payment while we work on processing your financial aid.


What if I sign up for a payment plan and there is a new date for my payment to be due? Which due date is valid?

For the STEPP payment plan, you will want to follow the due dates for the STEPP plan once you have enrolled into the payment plan: