Financial Aid Disbursement

Clark College disburses financial aid through BankMobile. A Refund Selection Kit is mailed to all new students after completing their financial aid application. Follow the instructions inside the Kit to select how you want to receive your financial aid funds each term.

How are my financial aid funds disbursed?

All financial aid awards are automatically used to pay your tuition and fees before the start of each term. If your award exceeds the cost of your tuition, you will receive the remaining balance of your funds through the option you chose with your Refund Selection Kit.

If your financial aid award is not sufficient to pay the tuition and fees in full, you are responsible for payment of the remaining balance.

When do I receive the remaining balance of my financial aid awards?

If your award exceeds the cost of your tuition, you will receive the remaining balance. Clark College sends funds to BankMobile to be issued according your refund preference. Funds are issued 1-2 business days before the start of fall, winter, and spring terms. Summer term funds cannot be issued until after July 1 each year and may not be available until the first day of the term.

How do I receive my funds?

You will be mailed a Refund Selection Kit after completing your financial aid application. The Kit will provide instructions for you to select your refund preference. You have three options for receiving your funds each term:

More information about BankMobile:

You may contact BankMobile by phone at 877-405-0827 Monday through Friday from 5:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time. For more information about your financial aid awards and disbursements dates you may contact the Financial Aid Office at by phone 360-992-2153 or by e-mail at